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Rav2 on 02 Dec 2012
Looking to do some winter mountain walking and hoping to stay overnight on the summits. Any advise on a quality sleeping bag and tent would be appreciated, will need to carry so weight is an issue. Areas mostly Snowdonia, English lakes and possible Scotland. Looking at Rab kit possibly Neutrino Endurance 600 sleeping bag and the Latok Ultra tent. Am aware what the winter is like in the uk but never slept overnight under the stars in winter.
andyd1970 - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to Rav2: You will need a 4 season tent and something that will handle strong winds. Also something that is not flat on top so snow will shed off it and not build up on top. A geodesic tent is Ideal but don't get hung up on wight too much, you will need to balance out weight to strenght. Snow pegs are quite good and I think needle sports sells them. Down bags are great they are lighter and compress smaller but you will need to keep it dry. A 4 season sleeping mat is a must and the thicker the better but weight will become a factor, so you will need to find a balance. I have a Marmot Grid 2 which is quite light strong and I use a synthetic sleeping bag which goes to -10 but you could add a fleece liner if its colder. In the end it will all come down to money and if you get a 2 person tent if someone goes with you it will half your weight on the tent if shared while carrying
hope this helps
Gav M - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to Rav2:

Disagree with the above. Pick your night and just doss out. You'll need a full weight thermarest, a winter bag and a waterproof cover. A snow shovel is handy for excavating a little depression to keep the wind off.
martinph78 on 03 Dec 2012
In reply to Rav2: Are you going solo or as a pair/group?

Makes a difference for tent suggestions.

koolkat - on 03 Dec 2012
In reply to Rav2: macpac mineret like new very light very strong only used twice yours or anybody who wants it £200
mrchewy - on 03 Dec 2012
In reply to Rav2: The humble sleeping mat is the most important item when it comes to winter camping. Don't be cheap when it come to spending either cash or grammes on one. You'd be surprised at what you can get away with sleeping bag wise if your mat insulates you properly and just how cold you can be in a decent bag when the mat is wrong.
Lot's of people use single pole tents even in winter, myself included, and never have any issues - if you pitch well and in the right place, most decent tents can cope. A geodesic is stronger but way heavier, how much weight are you happy to carry?
Best tip I can offer - eat well just before you go to sleep and do some star jumps or something before getting into your bag. You'll be warmer for it later.
Have fun!
Rav2 on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to Martin1978: Solo walking staying overnight hopefully on the summits

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