Which rucksack size for me?

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 stormylolol 28 Jan 2021

Hello all,

Im looking for a new rucksack to be used for mainly rock climbing (both the walk and the climb if needs be), some winter walking (but i have a 40 and 45l back if needed, so not the focus) and scrambling/hillwalking in general.

My rack consists of approx. 2x sets of nuts, 14QD, 4 cams, harness, shoes, belay plate, 4x slings and a few bits and bobs. Rope is a 60m single and doesnt need to go on the inside since i can just use one of my bigger bags if that is required. Would like a bit of room for light layers/lunch as well, preferably not super tight packed but generally i have quite neat packing so dont want lots of flapping extra space!

I have tried to put my stuff in a karrimor sprint 30 which all fits apart from having slightly not enough space for both layers AND lunch. The only issue is i am not sure on what planet this is a 30l bag... its hardly bigger than a 15l karrimor I have. I have seen some people manage with a 22l but ive not tried to pack a definite sack of this size and am worried it might be too small. 

I think 26/28l would be a good size? I have my eyes on the blue ice warthog 26 but dont know if it will be too small, some people i have read think its tiny and others think its a tardis. From google images the 28 version is cavernous and the Osprey Mutant 28 is more like a 32, and again is massive. Another option is the Black Diamond speed 30 (which looks smaller than the other two?...) but I have a feeling like I wont use all that space. 

Does anyone have any hands on experience with the warthog 26/black diamond speed 30 and would be able to comment on if this sounds suitable for what i need!

Thanks, sorry for the ramble.

 HeMa 28 Jan 2021
In reply to stormylolol:

I have the orig warthog 26. And it served me well in BMC winter meet (2014 I think) plus doing alpine rock, like Voie Suisse on Gran Cap. 

For just pure rock stuff, I prefer smaller sacks. Generally between 15 to 20 liters. 

But I’m between S and M in mens clothing. So my stuff packs small enough. If yer XL, then the clothing alone will be like 5 liters more. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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