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Which GPS device?

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 Martin Hore 22 Nov 2020

I've not used GPS to date - well behind the scene I know. I've a particular reason for investing now. I survey and draw maps for orienteering. I need a device that will display ordnance survey grid references on its own screen and which can be linked to a tablet (or large screen smart phone) on which I will have my draft orienteering map installed. 

I need good accuracy, probably a GPS that links to the Galileo satellite system as well as GPS and Glosnass, but I don't need lots of features for route planning and recording, taking pictures en-route etc.

I've looked mostly at Garmin devices so far, but not found one that stands out - any advice from the UKC/UKH collective would be very welcome. Budget: ideally £200 - £400. 

Many thanks


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In reply to Martin Hore:

If you're taking a tablet anyway, just use the GNSS receiver in the tablet. My old Tesco Hudl has a pretty decent receiver.

A modern receiver will get GPS, GLONASS and Beidou. I'm not sure of the operational status of Galileo, in spite of having worked on GSVF-2, the 'golden reference' simulator for ESA. Perhaps I should look it up...


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