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D.Russell on 11:18 Tue

Has anyone had any dealings with the guys that make the Valley Giant Cams in the US?

I placed an order back in November and progress was coming along nicely until everything has gone quite.

The last email I received from them was the beginning of January saying that it was all ready for posting on the 4th. Since then there has been no reply to any of my emails.

Has anyone had similar issues?


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Dave Williams - on 13:16 Tue
In reply to D.Russell:

Not much help I realise but I was recently interested in a getting a #9 VG. I did some research beforehand and came across this thread. Others seem to have experienced similar issues to you, as well as other quality control issues. 


Despite being somewhat dated, , the thread essentially put me off taking it any further.

I may be wrong, but as I understand it, Valley Giant is pretty much a one man show. The lack of a contact phone number on the website may or may not be significant.

Why not register and post your question on the Mountain Project forum and see if you get any more relevant responses/feedback?


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D.Russell on 16:28 Tue
In reply to Dave Williams:

Thanks for the link Dave.

I am going to post on Supertopo once I finish work.



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