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Smythson 03 Aug 2019

Hello all,

Having spent last month with a permanent layer of charcoal stuck to the bottom of my pot I'm in the market for a new gas stove. Doesn't have to be ultra light or anything for the mountains just something that will let me cook a one pot meal in a campsite without continuous stirring. Not looking for a jetboil or similar, have those.

I was considering the Primus mimer (original, not the duo - I've read about the issues) 

If anyone has any thoughts on this or an equivalent I'd be keen to hear from you. 


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girlymonkey 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

Just to check, you are complaining about burning food to the inside of your pan?

If this is correct, then I don't see a way round it other than stirring. If you cook at home, do you not keep stirring to stop it burning?

malk 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

what's your pot made from? could try non-stick?

i'm using an alpkit meths stove atm- has a simmer ring which is quite effective.

i would advise against gas bottle under burner- too unstable. look up vango folding gas stove or similar..

Mal Grey 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

I too prefer one of the "spider" type with a pipe to the cylinder rather than one which goes on top, though with a 250g cylinder and one of those plastic things that add feet to the cylinder, you can get pretty stable.

The problem with any gas camping stove is that if you are to turn the gas low enough not to burn, it blows out more easily. Also, pans used camping tend to be thinner and the heat doesn't spread throughout the metal as well as with a thick pan, leading to hot spots. So stirring is probably inevitable. 

However, if you use a windshield and a good stove with a wider burner head, which the Mimer has, you will maximise your ability to simmer low. A friend has a Vango "spider" that does seem to simmer well, though I don't know which model. Also think about the pan type, and if you don't need to worry about weight, perhaps use a small kitchen pan instead of a thinner walled camping one.

captain paranoia 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

Are you using a titanium pot? If so, they don't spread heat well (thin and poor conductivity), so tend to encourage hot spots and burning. Aluminium pots of the same size and weight are thicker and have ten times the thermal conductivity than Ti, so less prone to burning.

To solve the low flame being blown out problem, use a lightweight foil windshield.

richprideaux 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

Have a look at the MSR Windburner remote canister stove. I have successfully scrambled eggs in mine a few times without welding them to the pan.

There is a review lurking somewhere in this site for it.

Graeme G 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

Esbit hard anodised pots. Never had an issue with burnt food stuck to the bottom. One of the best buys I’ve ever made, and they were recommended to me on UKC

Smythson 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

Thank you all for your advice. I was using a stainless steel pan which is clearly one half of the problem with heat dissipation. With regard to the stove itself the remote stoves are clearly more stable (a few pots of porridge ended up on the grass!) I'm now looking at the morning windburner group stove with pan (non stick pan, remote gas and has a simmer function) 


Fozzy 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

I’ve used a Primus Gravity stove with MSR stainless pans for years when on campsites and they work very well together. Turn it low, keep stirring & it’s fine. 

I wouldn’t dream of trying to do that with the  Pocket Rocket & ti pot I use when in the hills, but that’s not what that’s for. 

Graeme G 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Fozzy:

> keep stirring

But that’s what he wants to not have to do.

Wont bang my drum, too much, but hard anodised. Seriously, changed my experience of camp/bothy cooking.

captain paranoia 03 Aug 2019
In reply to Graeme G:

> But that’s what he wants to not have to do.

Unfortunately, certain foods require stirring, and no magic pan or magic stove can alter that.

Graeme G 04 Aug 2019
In reply to captain paranoia:

> Unfortunately, certain foods require stirring

Avoid eating those foods? 😉 

inboard 05 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

+1 on the MSR windburner group - great stove. 

teh_mark 05 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

For campsite cooking my go-to is a Trangia with gas adaptor and the hard-anodised pans. It can be tricky with a new gas to get it low enough, but when you do it simmers brilliantly. But you do have to stir - that's just physics!

I sometimes even use the alcohol burner, and it's not that bad at all. Very tempted to buy a Trangia Triangle to have the option of two burners at once.

Hat Dude 05 Aug 2019
In reply to Smythson:

For summer campsite car camping I use a "camping gaz bistro" type, one of those with a plastic carry case which use cp250 type cylinders.

Nice big pan supports and if you keep your eye out for offers, the gas is cheap

tonyg9241 14 Aug 2019
In reply to teh_mark:

hi all I have just got the trangia multi fuel burner I have looked at replacing my old trangia with a msr multi  fuel but for not to much extra money I was able to get trangia multi fuel any see linkhttps://youtu.be/2gZu4FtUcG8

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