Showa 282-02 winter work gloves in the UK?

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 neuromancer 13 Oct 2021

I tried the dortechdirect cheap winter work gloves a while back and was never impressed.

Whilst bumbling around blogs I came across the showa 282-02, which look like a genius idea.

Anyone know any UK or EU stockists?

 TLitchfield Global Crag Moderator 13 Oct 2021
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Following- I'm also after a pair

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Like you I could only find the original model (not - 02) without cuff closure in UK......apparently some  in USA used their own DIY closure.

 nniff 13 Oct 2021
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Amazon has the basic 282 without the wrist closure.  Worth a punt for proof of principle?

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I've had a couple of pairs of the standard blue 282s and I think they're pretty good. They're very dextrous for the warmth they provide and they keep the water out. However, they're not that breathable, so I was finding that they'd get wet inside after a while from sweat, and when wet the insulation doesn't seem to work very well. Since they're fairly cheap you could carry two or three pairs and swap through the day.

You do look like you're about to dissolve a body in acid when you're wearing them though.

 MisterPiggy 13 Oct 2021
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These folks may know where to get the good stuff?

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I spoke to the UK rep earlier this year when putting a team order in.

Showa won't import the wrist closure version to UK or EU as they dont meet the the PPE requirements

Quote :

SHOWA 282-02 has been sold to just sports market in Canada and Japan not PPE. So, 282-02 has not been complied with PPE regulation. SHOWA Europe has decided to not sell to our PPE market at this time.

 neuromancer 16 Oct 2021
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Bummer but thanks for looking into it.

Anyone up for a bulk buy from the US?

 superturbo 20 Oct 2021
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Depends how much they ended up being after tax etc. I'd probably pay £25ish, but beyond that I think you can get better value on second hand gloves if you watch ebay for a while.

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