Sealskinz Gloves how waterproof

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 Russell Lovett 05 Jan 2021

Have a few pairs of sealskinz socks and they do exactly what they say on the packet and keep your feet nice and dry. These though are just a tube sealed at on end with no seams, unlike gloves. So i was wondering if there gloves do the same job and if you find they do which ones you have. Thanks in advance. 

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Don't make the mistake I made when I bought sealskinz gloves assuming they were waterproof.  Turned out I'd bought their wind proof ones! I now have a pair of waterproof ones which are good for scrambling. The windproof ones are great on a windy day but no good in the rain 😂

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I bought Mrs Ridge a pair of sealskinz waterproof riding gloves a few years ago, and she's very impressed with them.

Interesting that you find the sealksinz socks waterproof. On other forums most people seem to think they fair after a few uses.

 olddirtydoggy 05 Jan 2021
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I'd say the brand are not as good as they used to be. We use them for paddling and cycling and they are ok for that but torrential mountain days, no way.

 Frank R. 05 Jan 2021
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I am not a big fan of the knitted ones, the knitted nylon outer layer wets easily (or more precisely, holds wet snow very well) and I was cold either from water getting inside around the rim by capillary action, from sweat when wetted out or evaporative cooling in wind. And they did not fit me well, I have longer thinner fingers so got the XL size, but they were very, very tight in fingers even then, almost impeding my circulation there. Of course, this is quite subjective!

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 Russell Lovett 05 Jan 2021
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My job is a binman which involves walking 6/7 hour days when it is pouring with rain some days, I would agree that the outside of the socks get soaking, but the insides stay dry and in the winter I wear a pair of thick ordinary sock underneath the sealskinz and they stay dry to. I only wear them if rain is forecast and mostly just in winter. In the hills I have had no trouble with them either. So do the gloves do as good a job or not, I suspect not hence the question on here. I hope that they do though as I do tend to suffer from cold hands and have to carry a few pairs of gloves to change out as the ones I have on get wet. 

 shantaram 05 Jan 2021
In reply to Russell Lovett: I use Sealskins gloves for mountain biking and winter running and they keep my hands warm and dry in all conditions. I generally try and avoid going out in torrential rain, but I’ve been out in some wet conditions and haven’t had any issues. 
I also use Sealskins socks for winter running and I find they lose their waterproofness over time, although even when they let in a bit of water they keep my feet warmer than regular socks would when running through winter bogs. 

 jalien 05 Jan 2021
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My only experience of sealskins gloves was crap - they weren't waterproof in the slightest, and in fact got waterlogged and kept my hands cold and wet. These were the cycling ones, so i went for a snug fit to still have enough articulation to operate the gears, lights etc. So maybe they only work if there's no pressure on the membrane. Anyway, I'm not going to try another pair, as they're not cheap either

 LastBoyScout 05 Jan 2021
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I've got a couple of pairs of their cycling gloves and I've found them to be pretty waterproof.

Unfortunately, in both directions - the breathability of them is rubbish, IME.

I also find the thumbs a bit short, so have to go up a size from what I'd prefer to wear for a good fit on my fingers, but maybe that's just me.

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Got a couple of pairs of waterproof ones, one is Extreme Cold Weather gloves, and my experience is yes they are waterproof (for the somewhat limited times I’ve used then).

I don’t use them that frequently, however, in cold and wet as personally I’ve not found them warm generally and certainly not when in winter wet weather. They just lack the insulation to offset the cold water of winter. When I do I usually have other gloves underneath (I sized up specially). 

As mentioned by another, not all SealSkinzs are waterproof; only the ones they say are. Also, I think all SealSkinz gloves I’ve tried run small I their sizing. Maybe just me, but a bit of love hate attitude to them overall.

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 desmondo1 14 Jan 2021
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My Sealskin gloves worked well in the rain but had to dump them as the sizing was way out. I have small hands and the medium was useless. With dry hands they went on ok but once I took them off, cold or wet, just could not get them on again the tight wrist cuff was too much of a struggle. Bought a Rab pair and not looked back.

I also had two pairs of their socks. Worked reasonably well as a waterproof but as with the gloves you have to really size up as both pairs quickly developed holes at the toe, not clever for waterproof socks. Never tried them again.

 Tim Davies 14 Jan 2021
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Agree. Gloves were not breathable at all and were v unpleasant to wear for cycling 

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