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 Gordonbp 03 Feb 2021

Bought a pair of waterproof insulated gloves - using the Sealskinz own sizing chart, I'm only just above a Medium, so I bought Large.

These seem to be a bit snug round the knuckles. (I can cope with the tight cuffs....) Is this usual, or should I go for XL? Can anyone tell me how much longer the fingers would be, as the Large size fingers are about right?

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SealSkinz gloves are inconsistent in their sizing within their own models in my experience. You need to compare like for like, ie specific model, to get a best idea/answer, so would be better to identify the specific model which may get a better reply?

I have in the past been in touch direct by phone with SealSkinz and they were helpful in trying to help decide on sizing on specific models so you may wish to try that. They generally agreed, to my surprise that their sizing was iffy; they seem to tweak their guidance on user response over time!

I’ve got various insulated models of theirs and they are all different in sizing and fit - an XL that is tighter on fingers and has shorter finger length than a L of a similar model, and a lighter weight insulated one that is XL, but the thumb is really tight (and such that I don’t use them as they are just so uncomfortable).

One thing with the thicker insulated gloves on the likes of the extreme cold weather glove model is that the insulation does bed down with a bit of use so become effectively larger! BTW take “extreme” with a pinch of salt imo. I have never found any of their gloves to be sufficiently warm compare to what they claim. That’s another story though.

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 Gordonbp 04 Feb 2021
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Thanks. I've got a question pending a reply at Sealskinz. 

They do seem to be giving slightly over the knuckles after a couple of short wearing sessions.....

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