Scarpa Phantom's Modded - Salomon Quicklace

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 joe.91 18 Jan 2022

I was talking to an assistant in Ellis Brigham in Aviemore a few years ago and he mentioned that a local guide had replaced the laces on the most recent Scarpa Phantom with the Salomon Quicklace kit (I think in reality though you'd need 2 kits tied together with the knot at the bottom to allow for lace length).

I thought this was a marvelous idea to be able to adjust the tension of the laces minimising exposure to the cold. Has anybody got any experiences of doing something similar before I commit to testing this out?

 CurlyStevo 18 Jan 2022
In reply to joe.91:

Hmmm I prefer more robust laces, less likely to snap, less likely to dig in than a thinner lace. I double knot them a few times, after all its essential your boots remain well done up when winter climbing.

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 DaveHK 18 Jan 2022
In reply to joe.91:

That is a very interesting idea. I've done thousands and thousands of miles in running shoes using that system and they've worked faultlessly so I'd definitely give it a go. I also have a couple of sets harvested from old running shoes to play with.

My only concern was that they could wear through fabric eyelets but all the holes on the Phantoms have metal grommets so that's not an issue.

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OP joe.91 19 Jan 2022
In reply to DaveHK:

That was my concern too, I would do a double knot after the closing mechanism to ensure they did not become loose while climbing. 

 wbo2 19 Jan 2022
In reply to joe.91: Like a lot of people I've been using the Salomon system for the best part of 10 years and broken laces are pretty uncommon.  Rather than double knotting IF I thought it would be a problem I'd put two fasteners , one after another, on each lace. Most of the strain would be varried by the first, the second stops that sliding

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