Scarpa Phantom Tech - what crampons to use?

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 Matej 08 Sep 2021

Hey guys,

Do you have please any recommendation what crampons to use for Scarpa Phantom Tech boots? I always borrowed crampons of different brands but for some reason when I want to buy new ones now they are not fitting perfectly. So far I have tried Climbing Technology Nuptse EVO Semi-automatic and Grivel G12 New-Matic . My size of the boot is 45,5 but both Grivel and Climbing Technology don't seem to fit and the plastic button behind the crampons is too loosen, it doesn't hold firmly. Any recommendation for the right set of crampons for these boots? I need the crampons for glacier walking + steeper snowy terrain. 

Best Regards


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 a crap climber 08 Sep 2021
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Slightly surprising that you're having trouble with them. What have you borrowed before that worked ok? You could just get those.

The best advice though I think might be to take the boots into a decent climbing shop if you can get to one and they'll sort you out.

Edited to add: I didn't want to cast aspersions originally, but it does kinda sound like you aren't fitting them correctly. By plastic button do you mean the lever on the heel? E.g. the yellow bit on grivel models. There's a small wheel you can screw to adjust the heel clip for a tight fit. There's plenty of good fitting guides on the internet if you're not sure,  e.g.

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 HeMa 08 Sep 2021
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I’ve had a bunch of different shoes during the years for my EUR42 feet, my my wife a bunch more. With a bit of fiddling next to all have gotten a good fit. Old Millet Everest was a problem with technical crampons (orig Petzl Darts IIRC), as they were so wide and bulky.

So see how crampons should be fitted, and then try again.

 neuromancer 09 Sep 2021
In reply to Matej:

I wonder how many holes we can pick in the OP before answering his question.

I'll have a shot.

Why have you bought specialist winter climbing boots for glacier walking and bashing around in the snow? Would you not get a better fit for your B2 crampons on a B2 boot that doesn't have a big front welt? (not strictly true but I'm on a roll)

 wbo2 09 Sep 2021
In reply to neuromancer:

Because they're warm, light, a good fit and with the future in mind?  Also 45.5 is a big size and a 45.5 B2 isn't nearly as stiff as a 42 (as an example size).

 crayefish 09 Sep 2021
In reply to wbo2:

I bought mine before I had even started winter climbing 😁  (for exactly the reasons above).

I'm also surprised the G12s don't fit... my newmatics fit like a glove!  Are you sure the front tabs are bent correctly and the length is properly set?  Grivel are practically designed for Scarpas. 

Edit:  just realised this is the Tech, not the older Ultra which I have.  Though can't imagine a huge difference 

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In reply to Matej:

Petzl ‘poons work well with Techs. I climb with the Lynx. If using on easier terrain, the Vasaks. 

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