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 probablylost 07 Oct 2022

I've got some Inov-8 running gaiters which are great for stopping bits of vegetation and stones going in the top of my fell shoes. Trouble is I keep losing the O-rings that hold them onto my (non-inov8) shoes.

Has anyone got a recommendation for either a way of stopping the o-rings falling off that isn't permanent so I can replace them when they get trashed, or any alternative gaiter with a better attachment system?

 NobleStone 07 Oct 2022
In reply to probablylost:

I'm afraid I can only give you the classic UKC answer of telling you what I have. I'm not really sure what you mean by O-ring, I don't think I have any on mine.

I have a pair of Alpkit gaiters and they seem to do the job. They've got a bit of cord that goes under the shoe, a hook on the front, and elastic at the back. I've used them a lot and never had a problem with them not staying on. They're also cheap, tough, and don't seem to absorb much water. My only gripe is the top closure seems too big, and I don't think I've got particularly skinny ankles. Never an issue in practise though and at some point I'll move the velcro.

In reply to probablylost:

I have the same inov-8 ones as you, I suspect - same issues with the underfoot spoingy bands (to use the technical term). Mrs B has some Montane ones with captive bands but harder to replace as a result. 

Possibly switch to dyneema cord and use a knot?


 Bog ninja 09 Oct 2022
In reply to probablylost:

Hi ya, I had the same gaiters, and after the loops wore out I got in touch with Inov 8 who posted me a couple of replacements for free

OP probablylost 14 Oct 2022
In reply to ben b:

Thanks all. For now I've tied a bit of elastic cord on, we'll see how long it lasts.

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