Rock Shoes for Hobblts (Wide feet)

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 GravitySucks 17 Nov 2021

Hi Folks, what are your current favourite rock shoes for those 'blessed' with feet wide enough to walk on water Looking for something that would suit an intermediate level climber (6b-7a / hvs-E2) so not super aggressive but still fairly capable.


 laughitup 17 Nov 2021
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I was also equipped with paddles from birth and find scarpa instinct - vs, vsr and lace to fit me nicely. VSRs are probably the most comfortable but also the softest but if softer shoes are up your street then they are a treat. 

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 Rampart 17 Nov 2021
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Scarpa's Veloce seem pretty good for wide and/or high volume feet. They're pretty soft, though, so the Arpia's might be a bit better if you want a touch more support (though from memory the Arpia's are still fairly soft).

 TomD89 17 Nov 2021
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I hear La Sportiva Skwamas are good up to a point, however if you have both short and wide feet they end up with a fair amount of dead space. Scarpa Instinct also get recommended a lot for this niche.

I have narrow feet and all my shoes fit like gloves, so I could provide a more comprehensive list of models to avoid than I could recommendations.

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 MischaHY 17 Nov 2021
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Skwama is a good choice. I have a mate with wide feet and bunions and he does really well with Skwama 2 sizes down from street size (very normal to size down significantly with La sportiva). They're really not bad in cracks especially when sized a little more comfortably and generally excellent on friction stuff. 

 PaulJepson 17 Nov 2021
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What toes have you got? I have Egyptian and got on really well with the old Scarpa Vapours but the new ones are awful. Recently I've got some Sportiva Katana lace (downsized x1) and they fit really nice. 

I have quite wide feet generally but often find that my mid-foot is where the problems lie. I can use a shoe with a nice big toe-box that feels like it fits like a glove but after 30 mins or so my foot will really start to ache in the middle. 

Never got on with the Instincts.   

 Jon Greengrass 17 Nov 2021
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Ocun Ozon+ or Butora Endeavor wide are as wide as I have found for my HHH fitting feet.  Both are much wider than anything from 5.10, Scarpa, Red Chilli, Boreal or  La Sportiva. Fit for me was slightly better in the Ozon+, but all feet are different so would recommend trying both.

or make your own

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Scarpa Vapour V or Red Chilli Spirit VCR are the widest shoes I've found. 

OrangeBob 17 Nov 2021
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I've got old style (yellow and orange) Scarpa instinct slippers, one size down from street size. Find them to be a wider fit than 5.10s I have had before. They had a little reissue a year or so ago. I don't like the modern Instinct slippers as there is more rubber on top which hurts my toe knuckles (longer middle toe). I think the lace up Instinct has more similar rubber on top to the old slippers.

Also, Tanya Ra, though I got them in street shoe size after hurting my toes with a pair of Instincts that were too small (1.5 sizes down from street shoe). Coming off boulder problems was making my toes hurt for days after. I'd say the Ras are wider than 5.10s but I got them in comfy size deliberately.

I'll probably get smaller Ras if I can't get Instincts I like when mine die. 

 ripper 17 Nov 2021
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Old style 5.10 Anasazi VCS for me - although I hear the newer Adidas versions are much changed, so maybe next time I'll try the Unparallel equivalent

 critter 17 Nov 2021
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If second that, plus the Ocun Ozone +

 Marmolata 18 Nov 2021
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I'm currently happy with Ocun Jet LU. I think they are a good bit stiffer than most top end shoes so I like them for any style. Also way cheaper than Italian shoes while made in Europe. 

In reply to GravitySucks:

Another vote for Ocun Ozone plus - excellent shoes and the fact they're good value compared to a lot of other brands is a bonus

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