Resoling Zamberlans

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 Flinticus 21 Feb 2021

Pics of the soles peeling off.

Anyone recommend a repair service?

In reply to Flinticus:

Just buy a tube of freesole (it’s got a new name now) - works a treat for that type of thing. 
stuff some socks in the boots, apply glue liberally then wrap tight with tape to get a good push onto the sole. Leave overnight.

In reply to Flinticus:

I had a pair of Scarpa's that did the same. You could try giving them, but I think it's basically a fault with the sole unit, with the softer core disintegrating. I didn't bother trying to repair, as I could scrape the core apart with a fingernail, and figured it would just fail again very soon.

It's a vibram sole unit. I should have got in touch with Scarpa  as they hadn't really had a lot of use, but I never bothered.

 olddirtydoggy 21 Feb 2021
In reply to Flinticus:

Had a pair of Mammuts that did this, they were a notorious model for it. I tried a commercial sole glue after a good wash, dry and left in light compression clamps for a couple of days. Around 3/4 hikes after the repair they delaminated again. Relegated to work for a while before binning them.

 markk 22 Feb 2021
In reply to Flinticus:

Send them to Cheshire Shoe Repairs -

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