REVIEW: Polartec Power Air

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It's probably best suited to more casual country walking

Microfibre pollution has become a hot topic in recent years, and conventional synthetic fleeces are big contributors. Polartec's Power Air fabric massively reduces this shedding. But what's it like for serious outdoor use? 

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In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

> I've had a Power Air hoody made by a brand called Houdini (no, me neither)

<puts hand up/> I have sir! I have!

Houdini are Swedish - quite hipster-y with a dash of hippy. Or maybe quite hippy with a dash of hipster. Definitely not cheap but they've always been very keen on being as environmentally sustainable as possible and that's a big bit of their brand.

In reply to TobyA:

Mrs B has long, long arms which mean her jacket sleeves end to rise up her wrists. She was quite excited to find some Houdini Powerstretch wrist warmer sleeve things in a Naturkompaniet store in Stockholm about 15 years ago. Still going strong! As indeed are the sleeves.

Houdini popped up at SportPursuit recently so they must be making a push into the UK...

In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

That weight is huge! You could get a large Nano-Air hoody for 376g, almost half the weight and you know it's going to be massively warmer.

 Flinticus 15 Apr 2020
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Well, its great to see an outdoor material manufacturer taking the whole micro-plastic thing seriously. 

In my normal wear I've largely switched to natural fibres because of this and infrequently wash my man-made fabric outdoor kit (aside from my baselayer which can be stinking - then again, my preferred baselayers are merino wool)

 wbo2 15 Apr 2020
In reply to purplemonkeyelephant:As an aside - how do you know?

I'm surprised that Houdini was an unknown brand... outside Sweden Norway I've seen a lot of their stuff on Germans

In reply to wbo2:

It's simply a loft thing. Primaloft (or equivalents) will always be warmer for it's weight than fleece. Even more so in this case. Do you have a lightweight synthetic? They almost weight nothing yet the warmth they give for their weight is amazing. 

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