Planet multi sport

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 goose299 21 Feb 2021


Has anyone bought from Planet Multi Sport before? 

It seems to be an Italian company selling equipment for water based activities (diving, swimming, etc) but I know there’s an eclectic mix on Ukc

They've got a killer deal on a Garmin Fenix 6 Solar - seems to be nearly £200 cheaper than everywhere else. 

 mcawle 21 Feb 2021
In reply to goose299:

Haven't used them but would be wary of buying anything from the EU at the moment as items can now incur VAT and customs duties when they arrive in the UK (applied to cost of product itself and shipping cost), and the retailer may or may not be handling that as part of the purchase price. I believe this impacts anything coming from the EU which is not of EU origin i.e. not manufactured in the EU, but I'm not 100% sure.

So one reason for it looking so cheap is that the website may know you are accessing from the UK and so are listing it without VAT, in which case you'd need to factor in shipping, VAT, customs, and a customs processing charge from the shipping company.

Of course it may well just be a good deal too! But beware.

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 jimtitt 22 Feb 2021
In reply to goose299:

A quick glance at their website shows the software hasn't been updated to reflect Brexit. Either they know and process it manually, they don't ship to GB or they ship normally without the correct paperwork  which means you will pay Italian IVA and VAT/duty as well as it comes into GB . Or it is rejected by HMRC.

I'd contact them direct.

 goose299 22 Feb 2021
In reply to goose299:

Cheers folks. Have messaged them

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