/ Petzl Reactik+ not holding charge

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cdpuk on 04 Dec 2018

Anyone else out there got one of these? I've been puzzling over the last year or so why I've been caught out so many times with a dead torch. I noticed a few months back that quite often, when switched off, the green LED status light never stops blinking. This happens about 50% of the time when switching it off, and sometimes locking or unlocking it by holding the two buttons triggers it. It's possible to charge it to 100% (as checked via the app), leave it on the side untouched for about a week with the status LED flashing away, at which point the LED will stop flashing and the unit won't turn on any more.

I have returned it to Petzl twice, who on the first occasion replaced the battery, and on the second occasion returned it stating "no fault found". Amazon have since provided a next-day replacement, only for me to find the brand new one does exactly the same thing.

I'm about to send them both back and choose another model.

Just curious whether anyone else has seen this, and wanted to give a bit of a warning to stop others getting caught out. 



Alkis - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to cdpuk:

Hm, haven’t had any such issues and I’ve had two of them so far.

James_Kendal on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to cdpuk:

Mine works reliably no problems.

Try using a different charger, and/or cable if you have one. They do fail sometimes, or behave unreliably, and that could explain why you have the same problem with two torches. I have found quality cables more important than I expected.

I have also had problems before charging simple devices off a fast modern phone charger, so try an old / slow charger.

tjhare1 - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to cdpuk:

I had precisely this issue and returned it to the retailer. They then sent it off to petzl who, initially, sent it back with a new charger and having ‘reset’ it. A few days later, same problem. So back it goes again. Got a refund that time and spent my pennies on a different torch (I wasn’t keen on the reactive lighting, didn’t warm to its temperamental nature and decided something without proprietary batteries would be better). Now using a Stoots torch - great bits of kit!

Phil Scott - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to cdpuk:

Mine behaves similarly in that the status LED flashes after charging and seems to continue indefinitely if left.

I've found that after taking it off charge, if I turn the torch on, then off and lock it, it stops the status LED from flashing.

Interesting that this seems to be fairly common. I contacted Petzl support about it a while back who seemed to have no idea what I was talking about and weren't very helpful. I ended up discovering the above so didn't bother taking it any further.

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