Optimis Vega stove leaking

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 Tigger 12 Aug 2021


I was wondering if there are any other Optimus Vega stove users on here. I've now purchased and returned 3 (in the process of returning the 3rd).

They all seemed to leak excessively when attaching or detatching a gas canister, 2 hissed continuously from 3/4 on until full tightened, the 3rd literally had liquid gas dripping out of it.

Seems to be a pretty serious issue, but all Optimus did was suggest I screw the canister on faster before accepting I might be right and asking for it to be returned.

I've never had this issue with any stove before (MSR, Vango and chinese-no-brand ) has anyone experienced this issue?

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In reply to Tigger:

It's not the first time I've seen similar complaints. Not with this particular stove, though.

Not all Lindall valves are the same. Not all stove connectors are the same; some have longer 'prongs' than others. Some combinations have the opposite problem, in that they won't open the canister...

Some sort of standard would seem to be in order...

 Tigger 13 Aug 2021
In reply to captain paranoia:

I thought there was a standard tbh, guess not. It'd be interesting to know if the issue was still aparant if using Primus canisters.

I did find one report online of someone trailing it with multiple canisters and having the same issue, and another report of a buyer having their first vega not activate and cansiters and the replacements leaking like mine.

It maybe suggestes that Optimus have issues with inconsistent 'prong' length.

 Cobra_Head 13 Aug 2021
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Haven't they always done this? (Not just this type of stove, but many things that use canisters, blow torches etc.)

Just screw the canister in quickly and away from sources of ignition, or am I missing something?

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I tried three different stoves last night. None sprayed any gas from the one canister I used.

I did measure the prong length, from the base to the tip. There was more than 1mm variation.

All three have an o-ring.

I have had stoves/canisters that do give a quick puff. As you and Optimus say, just screw them on a bit quicker...

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 Tigger 13 Aug 2021
In reply to captain paranoia:

There's a quick puff and then there's dripping liquid gas over my hands...

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 Tigger 13 Aug 2021
In reply to Cobra_Head:

Non that I've used before, maybe a slight hiss when screwing off but this is quite a bit more than that.

 Cobra_Head 28 Aug 2021
In reply to Tigger:

Did you prime it properly first.

 Tom Valentine 29 Aug 2021
In reply to Tigger:

I had a problem with my Optimus stove behaving like yours and suspected a worn o ring. Trying to find spares was a lot more difficult than it should have been for such a major company. I pulled out the old o ring, and reseated it, haven't had a problem since.......

 Tigger 30 Aug 2021
In reply to Tom Valentine:

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately these were all new. In the end i just picked up a secondhand MSR Windpro ii. Works perfectly and is only 10g heavier.

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