/ Old gear - Wild Country micro's / stones?

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Fakey Rocks - on 12 Sep 2018

 I have some 30 ish year old micros, I think they are Wild Country Stones, not made any more.

They look made in a similar style to Rp type nuts, with the wire welded / soldered into a brass type head, but have one flat side, the biggest, then a curving depth into the smaller flat side, so that the smaller side has rounded edges. They also taper from top to bottom forming a sort of u or v shape hybrid. Hope that makes sense!

They all have shiny wire...stainless steel?

I have the no.5, has 3mm wire? (fatter than rock 1 wire)  blue plastic wire coating on the loop end, which is about same size as a rock 1 in depth, and a little less in width,  the no.3 yellow has wire about rock 1 size 2.5mm?, and no.2 red, is maybe on 2mm wire. I lost the no.4

Does anyone know their relative breaking strengths? Where they break and why / when they stopped making them?

I've read that they are a bit weak compared to other options, so might decide to replace them, but did safely slump + lower off on the no3 last year.

I guess the 3 and above are fairly strong.

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