REVIEW: Mountain Equipment Firefly Sleeping Bag

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It's an excellent lightweight down bag for summer use The Firefly is the lightest, 'most efficient' sleeping bag Mountain Equipment have yet made, they say, offering 'reliable warmth for minimum weight'. So how did Richard Prideaux get on with it?

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 Jeffertsc 22 May 2019
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Just basing it on the photos can we assume it doesn't fit in a tent and is totally waterproof?

In reply to Jeffertsc:

I know they say that 'apicture paints a thousand words'but they also say not to 'judge a book by its cover', so might I suggest reading the words - or watching the video - that Richard has so very kindly written on the subject before coming to a bleak conclusion.

Taking photos of sleeping bags a tricky thing to get right, especially within the confines of a tent. Having tried this before (back when I reviewed the ME Helium a few years ago), you often end up with highly cramped + awkward pictures which don't really tell you a great deal. It's even harder if you are out on your own. As such, pictures of bivvying are generally best, as they give a far better impression of how the bag actually looks/lofts, plus how it is length-wise. 

That said, whilst nice images in reviews are clearly a benefit, it's ultimately the words, experience, and analysis that is what you're really after (unless I'm much mistaken and having been getting it wrong all these years?!). The fact that Richard has gone to the efforts of creating a three minute review video is to be applauded too, as not everyone has the time to read the full review.

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