Montane Flux Jacket

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 abr1966 11 Oct 2021

Any thoughts about alternatives to the Flux jacket....I have the Prism and it's been a great piece of kit but want something a bit warmer.

If there's anyone with an alternative recommendation I'd be grateful to hear of it...


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I've had a Flux for years now and it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. That said, if I were to buy again now, I'd probably take a look at the ME Fitzroy for fit (and a teeny bit of brand loyalty) reasons.

 nathan79 11 Oct 2021
In reply to abr1966:

Had a Flux, didn't find it that warm. I sold mine in the end as I preferred my Karrimor Avalanche, a 40quid Primaloft filled bargain, though the hood wasn't as good.

Since then I've bought a Rab Generator Alpine (solid jacket, sized well for chucking over everything) and a Patagonia DAS (just okay- not sized well for a belay layer, elastic cuffs I don't like, but a good array of pockets).

I'd buy a ME Fitzroy if I could justify another jacket or needed to replace the Rab.

 Kryank 13 Oct 2021
In reply to abr1966:

I have had a flux for nearly 12 months and love it, but only used for belaying in cold weather (but not winter climbing), and for winter hill walks when stopping for a break etc.

only slight niggle is that the zip plays up sometimes. But apart from that it’s great. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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