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Hi, to all the gear geeks and shoe guru's I'm hoping someone could help me out. I've got a friend who has mobility and stability issues in his ankles and he's been suggested to wear climbing shoes with a higher ankle for support. 

I've already told him to look into the La Sportiva TC pros and the Scarpa Maestro Mid but wondering if anyone knew of any other shoes that have a similar ankle height. 



 Wil Treasure 17 Nov 2021
In reply to ibexguiding:

The Boreal Ballet has a high cuff too, possibly a little higher than the ones mentioned. I'd be surprised if any of them provide genuine support though, I always felt they mainly stopped you scuffing your ankles too much. Someone else may have more experience of them though. A neoprene ankle support would seem to be better for providing the support part.

 PaulJepson 17 Nov 2021
In reply to ibexguiding:

The 5:10 Grandstones have higher ankles as well but as Wil said above, I think they are mostly to stop grazing your ankles on the rock rather than offering support. Kinesiology tape and some strapping will probably be more affective. You could even put some of the strapping on after the shoe, unless you're going to be doing lots of heel-hooking. 

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I've got a pretty unstable ankle, but even B3 mountaineering boots don't really give it any support so, like the others have said, I can't imagine even the highest of ankle protecting rock shoes would actually give any support

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I’ve TC pros and can confirm they provide no ankle stability at all

 Macleod 17 Nov 2021
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It'd be an expensive habit, but you can do a fairly good job of stabilising ankles with quality zinc oxide tape (e.g. strappal). Used to do that a lot in my judo days. If this seems like a plausible answer - best to ask a good sports physio how to do it.

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 alx 17 Nov 2021
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That’s a unique user name.

OrangeBob 18 Nov 2021
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I wonder if it's a suggestion made by someone who imagines climbing is all done in hiking boots.

I've got some old Asolo ankle high climbing shoes and they wouldn't give you much support.

 cb294 18 Nov 2021
In reply to Macleod:

I went through two to three rolls of tape per week when doing judo six times a week with a dodgy ankle! Good thing that we had a cupboard full of goodies from our team sponsor Beiersdorf!

25 years after ending my competition career I still go through about a roll a month despite having to pay for myself, taping only two fingers on each hand, and only training twice a week.

Anyway, "stirrup" type ankle taping is trivial, there is no need for a physio, youtube will do.


 petegunn 18 Nov 2021
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😂 it’s a quote from Ali G talking to Jacob Reese Mogg. JRM is talking about where milk comes from. 

 Myfyr Tomos 18 Nov 2021
In reply to Wil Treasure:

Agree. Have a pair of (old) Ballets and they offer hardly any more support than a pair of low cut shoes, but, boy, are they comfortable! Pretty good skin protection for the ankle bone though. 

 Macleod 18 Nov 2021
In reply to cb294:

fair. just covering my arse because the internet

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