/ Light packable windproof with hood?

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marsbar - on 08 Sep 2018

I'm looking for something that packs small and I can keep in the bottom of my work bag for windy or showery days.  

It doesn't need to be totally waterproof, just keep the worst of it off for 10 or 20 minutes.  

I'd prefer not lined or insulation as I want small pack size.  

I've found one by snugpak and one by rab.  Anyone got either of those or any other recommendations?  

Cheap and cheerful is fine many hundred pounds not!  Open to the idea of a poncho or a jacket.  Women's fit would be great (Rab is) but not essential.  

If anyone has one they are getting rid of it needs to be 16 or bigger.  Not sure what size that is in men's.  

PPP - on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to marsbar:

I have tried:

  • Rab Boreas - awful for being windproof or showerproof, but does the job on warm days when a shirt is not enough. Quite breathable, IIRC. 
  • Some plastic windproof - light, but that’s the only good thing about it. Haven’t used it for years. 
  • Mountain Equipment Squall - good overall, but it’s quite thick. Good for mild days, fit is nice, but hood is not up to ME’s standards. Can be too cold with thicker base layer in winter, too warm in summer. 
  • Montane Dyno Stretch - heaviest of all in this list, but does amazing job for chilly days and keeping the elements out. Breathable enough, too. 
  • Arcteryx Squamish - most recent purchase and it’s a lighter version of Squall from this list. I think this is more versatile than Squall - packing a fleece and Squamish would be a better is a lot better than Squall and a warm soft shell. A bit roomier as well. 


Not sure if there are women equivalent for these ones, I’m afraid. 

marsbar - on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to PPP:

Thanks, will have a look.  

HeMa on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to marsbar:

The classic is Patagucci Houdini, might even exist in womens model. 

Mountain running & adventure race apparel might also have something. I recall that I bought one made for adventure races for like 20 Eur or so from Decathlon. So they are indeed a good option. 

Jonny on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to marsbar:

I have the Montane Minimums Smock, and it's brilliant for the kind of purpose you mention. Nice front pocket, and a great hood that stays on your head. It packs into a minute ball the size of a fist, and weighs 150 g. Good price too.

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atrendall - on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to Jonny:

Just done a review of the Rab Kinetic Plus which is lightweight, waterproof and stretchy so high well suit. Here's a link;



shuffle - on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to marsbar:

I've had a Montane featherlite for about 12 years which is women's fit and packs to the size of an apple. It's massively faded but still works and refuses to die. I'll buy another if it ever does! 

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