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gavin82 on 16 Jan 2013 -
Time has come to invest in some new boots, Ive got my eye on the La Sportiva Trango Alps as they seem to fit my needs.
I mainly tackle scrambles with a decent walk in/out, all year round, so want something light, comfy, fairly ridged, but will give good feedback.

So is there anyone who has used the alps for a while now and can give some feedback? or alternatively suggest some other boots that would fit the profile?

It will obviously come down to the fit of the boot, i have narrow feet so another reason i was looking at the La Sportiva, was also going to look at the Scarpa Charmoz.

Gentleman Antiquarian - on 16 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82:

I've had a pair of Alps since November 2011. I, too, have narrow feet especially at the heel. They were comfortable straight out of the box and they've performed admirably since on scrambles and winter walks. They're much lighter than my Hanwag Aalska winter walking boots and remain waterproof. Their profile is excellent for climbing but I like the fact that the sole is the Vibram IBS Trek unit which has grip under the toe. Several of my friends have the S Evo version of the Trango with the Mulaz sole and the flat climbing platform on the front of the sole seems to cause slips and stumbles going downhill. Overall, very pleased with them.
Brian Pollock - on 18 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82:

Excellent boots so far. Used them on a few winter walks. Light and comfy but tough enough for kicking steps and general battering.

I got them as an all year round walking / scrambling and for grade I&II (maybe 3) Scottish winter routes.

I would highly recommend them.
Gromit :D - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82: I've got a pair and find them super comfy, fit wise there great, I have fairly narrow but long feet. Similar use to how your using them and they've been great, light but feel solid, yet to use with crampons though. I only have 1 pair of boots so its them or approach shoes and they seem to be holding up well to lots and lots of use.
Murvis on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82:

Hi Gavin,

I'm selling a brand new pair for £168 posted if your feet happen to be size 8.5

Murvis on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82:

My feet are also narrow at the last, although not so narrow at the ball, and the Sportiva's fit very nicely indeed (although I ordered a size too short..)

Tried on Scarpa Jorasses to compare and they felt wider and shorter in the same size, although the shorter feeling might just have been a result of my foot slipping forward due to the extra width.

Also, my old Raichle Boots felt good, if a bit wider at the ball than the Sportivas. I think Raichle were bought by Mammut?? so Mammut might be worth a look? Haven't tried on the Charmoz to give you a comparison unfortunately.

Hope that helps,

kbow265 - on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82: A lot of my friends have heavier B2s like Mantas or B3s and are quite jealous about how light mine are. They feel great on rock, great for summer or Alpine scrambling. They're not quite as warm or stiff as Mantas though (I've been warned to be careful climbing anything above a II in them), I tend to wear gaiters with them most of the time in winter.
gavin82 on 23 Jan 2013 -
In reply to gavin82: Unfortunately Murray im a 10.5, cheers. Been to try a pair of alps on in the shop and they felt great. They seem highly recommended so i reckon ill pick a pair up on payday!
DANNYdjb on 23 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82:
had a pair fall to bits on me after one winter season. Cotswolds offered me a refund. so i went on to charmoz, they have been a stunning boot, Used them for two seasons in the alps and now on there third winter. Would says ill get this season out of them.
Malpractise on 23 Jan 2013
In reply to gavin82: Cracking set of boots, used them for 2 seasons in the Alps for climbs up to AD, diff rock climbs and Grade 3 scrambles in he UK but not used them in Scottish winter yet. Will give you an update in 2 weeks when i get back from the highlands. Can't fault them so far!
Dave Richards - on 23 Jan 2013
Cracking set of boots. Used them for a bit of scrambling, some easier Alpine (including Mont Blanc via Gouter) and some winter walking, grade I/II climbing. Will be trying them in Scotland in a few weeks. I had a problem with toes bashing the ends but have since bought tongue de-compressors and they seem to have done the trick.
Sole is very good with excellent heel grip making heel plunges very stable.
I am quite flat footed with a narrow heel and they seem to not give me any problems with blisters. I use superfeet custom insoles with them.
craig1983 - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Richards:

I may be being a bit thick....but what are tongue de-compressors?
I have a toe hitting the end of my boots on descent and am about to sell them as a result...would be nice to know if there was another option!
gavin82 on 24 Jan 2013 -
In reply to craig1983: tongue depressors will take up any volume in your boot, making a better fit, could be an option for you to try as it should stop your foot slipping forward as much.
Dave Richards - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to craig1983:
They are just 2 bits of foam that are shaped to fit behind the tongue of the boot to push the foot back. In hindsight you could make a pair if you have a karrimat you don't need. I have also been wearing one pair of thick socks instead of the 2 pairs (thick and liner) that I had been wearing. Slightly less snug but no toe bashing.
Malpractise on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to Malpractise: back from Scotland, boots performed really well and only felt the cold when stood about. Feet stayed dry, even when wading through the swamps of Glen Etive! Well recommended
craig1983 - on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to Malpractise:

Glad to hear it..... I bought a new pair on friday so hoping to get out in them this weekend!

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