/ Is "activeleisure.eu" real? Cheap climbing shoes!

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imahuman118 19 Dec 2019

I came across the website https://www.activeleisure.eu which is selling tarantula/lace for £40, evolv defy for £33, miura vs for £75.... (£5 delivery)

Has anyone heard of this store? Is it real?

It's uk based so I guess gooutdoors can price match this if anyone is looking for cheap shoes.

Jack_Lewin 19 Dec 2019
In reply to imahuman118:

If you have to ask then almost certainly not, also they spell Evolv with an n....

Stegosaur 19 Dec 2019
In reply to imahuman118:


Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evoque Claims and Appraisals Limited."

That parent company changed its name to Evoque Group Limited in September of this year, and has been around since 2014.

They are a salvage company.


gethin_allen 19 Dec 2019
In reply to imahuman118:

The product range does seem to fit with it being a stock clearance or liquidation company. A lot of the shoes are only available in massive or tiny sizes. What does seem odd is that they are selling stuff from gooutdoors own brands like Higear and OEX.

In reply to imahuman118:

Couple of years ago sports direct had Muria VS on their website for £45. I took the risk and they ended up being legit. 

£75 is about trade price

take the risk and see what happens. 

imahuman118 19 Dec 2019
In reply to sam.sam.sam.ferguson:

Yeah but sports direct is a real store with a couple of shops a city. I've never heard of this store before.

bigbobbyking 19 Dec 2019
In reply to imahuman118:

You could buy with a credit card and then you can always file a chargeback if the goods don't arrive or not as described?

imahuman118 19 Dec 2019
In reply to bigbobbyking:

I think if I decide I need some beginner shoes, I'll go to gooutdoors and price match. But thanks, tell me if you buy anything from this sketchy looking website.

robint12 23 Dec 2019
In reply to imahuman118:

I chanced it and ordered a pair of Boreal Joker Lace from them for £40 + £5 delivery on 19 December. They normally retail at around £70. They arrived today, 23 December, and are the real thing. I think I'm going to buy another pair.

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ben b 23 Dec 2019
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First click got me to "BoyzToyz Car 12V Camping Hair Straighteners"

Bring on the end times!


Donotello 25 Dec 2019

My assessment is this is someone who’s bought out a failed / closed down online retailer and are just running down the stock. 

Theres some great deals, wild country harness for considerably less than rrp, Brooks running shoes, scarpa VS etc, they just only have 1-4 different size options for each product but definitely worth a look. 

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imahuman118 04 Jan 2020
In reply to robint12:

Congrats for your new shoes man, thanks for biting the bullet for the rest of us.

Ian W 04 Jan 2020
In reply to Donotello:

They just buy up last years bin ends and sell them off cheap, after the distributors have touted them around the retailers.

Perfectly reasonable stuff, and some right bargains - especially Berghaus and Rab at the moment - and double especially if you are either vertically challenged or "more generously proportioned".

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