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I am upcyling rope for swings

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 Sophie Browne 13 Jan 2021

Hello fellow climbers,

I am working on a project where I'd like to up-cycle unused climbing rope. I make handmade simple wooden swings for young and old to enjoy. Swings that can be taken into the nature or parks and easily hooked over a branch to get the swinging joy without needing a playground. This idea started during the 1st UK national lockdown when my daughter wanted to swing but playgrounds were closed. 

I make my swings from simple rope and a piece of beautiful handpicked wood from London. That’s all. So I need rope... I was wondering what you do with your ropes when they become no longer useful for securing climbers or when you have off cuts etc?

I am based in London and would love to chat to any climbing centres or climbers who would be interested in supporting my project to re-use unused climbing ropes for my swings. Thank you. 

Love to hear back! 

 deacondeacon 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Sophie Browne:

Climbing ropes are dynamic. Not much good for a rope swing I'm afraid 

 Iamgregp 13 Jan 2021
In reply to deacondeacon:

She said fellow climbers so I think she knows that, and she said swings, not rope swings.

Also, if you had two strands of dynamic rope going down 6 feet or so (at most), the stretch of that would be absolutely f*ck all so dynamic rope will be absolutely fine.

Sorry Sophie I'd help out but I still use my old ropes for the odd bit of non-climbing stuff.  You do see appeals on here from people asking if anyone has old rope from time to time, usually for some craft related project or scouts or something similar.  Not sure how successful they are.

Sounds like a nice initiative good luck!  

 freeflyer 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Sophie Browne:

Try contacting your local bellringers, they should have plenty of old bell ropes available, and the ropes come with attractive furry bits to hold onto.

Good luck.

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