How to pick a comfortable harness?

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I'm thinking about buying a new harness because through work and other things I'm spending quite a lot of time suspended. I'd like to get something more comfortable than the BD solution guide which I'm currently using. My question is - how to pick? Since fit is such a personal thing are there any shops (preferably in North Wales) where I can try on a few different models and hang in them?

 99ster 12 Aug 2021
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V12 in Llanberis.

 hetheringtom 12 Aug 2021
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A second vote for V12, exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable staff who have always got me exactly what I needed!

 HeMa 13 Aug 2021
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Most proper climbing gear shop should have this option. 

That being said, If the work you mention is not climbing, but real work at height (roofing, arborist and so on). Then proper work harnesses should really be considered. 

And a in-between option is a bigwall harness. They have a wider belt and generally more padding than more common harnesses. That being said, they ain’t that common off the shelf items, so testing those might not be that easy. The best course of action would be to test harnesses of the same manufacturer for sizing and all, then simply factor in them being slightly more comfy. 

 olddirtydoggy 13 Aug 2021
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I find harnesses like bike saddles. I had an old Petzl harness for a good while with all the padding but then I changed to a cheese wire lightweight and it's much more comfortable, even on long days which surprised me.

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> V12 in Llanberis.

I upvoted the suggestion once already, but it deserves another if only I could.

 deepsoup 13 Aug 2021
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Spending a lot of time suspended isn't really what a harness is for.  (Certainly not a climbing harness anyway.) 

My suggestion would be to use the harness to protect yourself from a fall while sitting on a bosun's chair.  Eg: Petzl Podium or Edelrid Air Lounge if you were going to buy one.  Alternatively you could make your own - heavy, clunky but cheap as chips - out of a piece of plywood and some accessory cord (also closed cell foam mat, hard wearing fabric, a bit of sewing, a few staples and some contact adhesive if you want a really nice comfy one).

+1 to the above btw - if it's for work you should really be using work kit.  In your leisure time (including DIY as long as you're not endangering anyone else) you can do whatever you like. 

Using one of those Petzl or Edelrid seats with the harnesses they're designed to fit is less faff than a home made one because they essentially become part of the harness.  Get yourself in position with it up across your lower back, shoogle it down under your bum, done.

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I should clarify - as well as spending a fair bit of time on longer routes I'm also starting to get work as an RCI, looking at RCDI or MCI training in the nearish future and also a rope tech on an MRT. I need a harness that is comfortable to move around in and wear for the whole day but will also be comfortable to hang in on the crag face or at a hanging belay. Ideally it would also pack up really small and be really light as well!

I've currently got a BD Solution Guide, which is ok, but:

A) is slightly too big for me since I've lost some weight, so I've got some justification for buying a new one

B) after a long day wearing it I get some mild lower back pain

C) the leg loops are uncomfortable when fully suspended for too long

I've been issued a DMM renegade by the MRT, and while I'd really like to like it I just don't find it comfortable for moving around in or hanging.

It's good to hear that V12 have the facility to hang in the shop, I'll pop in the next time I'm over that way.

 deepsoup 13 Aug 2021
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Ah, I see.  (Said the blind man.)

It is possible for a belay seat not to be a big bulky thing I believe, but I've never actually used one of those myself.  I kinda sorta wouldn't expect the harness that's comfy to move around in and wear all day to be the same one that's comfy to hang in for long periods of time for the same reason that stiff supportive boots don't feel like running shoes.  Have to admit that I don't really know what I'm on about now though, so I'll be butting out of the thread.  Best of luck.

 jezb1 13 Aug 2021
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I use a few different harnesses for work and play. Even as a full time MCI I don’t find I’m actually properly hanging in a harness for hours and hours but… worth trying an Arcteryx harness, for me they’re the most comfy.

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