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Appleby on 19 Jan 2013
I got some Scarpa Mantas last winter and they're a great winter boot. Unfortunately my feet are long and narrow - if my boots are long enough for my toes not to hit the end they're too wide so I have problems with heel lift. I've tried using extra socks and different ways of lacing but with little or no improvement - if I lace them too tight around the ankle it just cuts off the blood flow.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any tips for making them fit better? Are superfeet worth the dosh?


Pritchard - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to struwwelman:

I would try a generaly volume reducer in the first instance.

Cotswolds gave me some with a pair of Mantas I got, they are bascally a flat rubber/plastic insert that sits under your footbed making it higher.

You can also get footbeds that are thicker and as well as reducing volume are more spongy and comfortable to wear.

In reply to struwwelman: Mate, you might not like this advice! Sell them and get a pair of winter boots that fit you better. If you have narrow long feet, Scarpa aren't the boots for you, try La Sportiva. I've spent enough of my work and own life in boots of various kinds that don't fit right, and they just aren't worth the hassle if they don't fit.
Appleby on 20 Jan 2013
Thanks, I think I'll try and manage with extra insoles/volume reducers until these wear out, but next time fit will be the top priority.
Mikkel - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to struwwelman:

I have the opposite problem, my feet are to wide.
Hoping Altberg will do some winter climbing boots one day, as so far they are the only ones who makes boots wide enough without being 2 sizes to long for me.
Jon Wickham - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to Mikkel: Have you tried getting a shop to stretch the boots for you?
Pritchard - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to Mikkel:

If you've deep pockets, nicks advice is best, though if nothing fits, get the one that does best and modify.

Mikkel, I get Altberg in an extra wide (mallastang) for summer and have recently bought La Sportiva Nepal Extreme, which fits great for winter. I only use 1 pair of socks in them as they're warm enough, you do want a finger/thumb width space in the front otherwise you'll lose your toe nails front constantly hitting the front while kicking.

In reply to Mikkel: Isn't the Altberg Mallerstang a bit like Scarpa Manta, i.e. good for winter? I can't rate my Altberg Warriors highly enough. Just awesome boots.
In reply to Pritchard: Also, boots in good condition retain a reasonable value on UKC, and with all the shopping around/sales/deals, it should be possible to recover by selling them most of te dosh needed to buy a pair that fit at a reduced price.
Yanis Nayu - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to struwwelman: Garden roller?
Jon Wickham - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to nickinscottishmountains: I would second what you say about recouping some of the lost money by selling the boots on. However I think that looking for sales/deals is the last thing struwwelman wants to do. He needs to go to a few good quality shops that offer a proper boot fitting service (which is much more than just having a sales assistant bring you a few pairs of boots to try on), and to get fitted up. Otherwise he may be right back where he started.
In reply to Jon Wickham: Sure, what I meant was that he would do well to try as many on in shops and then once he knows what make/model/size to go for, to then go in search of a deal. But I didn't make that clear!
Mikkel - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to Jon Wickham:

Not really doable due to the construction of most boots as its not just a little bit that is needed.
Mikkel - on 20 Jan 2013
In reply to nickinscottishmountains:

A little but too flexible for crampons i would have thought.
Mallerstang with a stuff sole and attachment for crampons would be awesome.

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