Hi-vis waterproofs for construction industry

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 Hatty 19 Feb 2021

Hi all,

Im wondering if there’s any recommendations for hi vis waterproofs. I work in construction and I’m mainly outdoors. Im sick of ending up with a wet T-shirt and boxers come the end of the day.... Looking at bib and brace for the bottom half and a jacket for the top. Poncho for when it’s torrential. Suggestions for good insulated safety wellies would be welcomed too. Willing to spend a bit of money on this as the gear from the builders merchants isn’t designed for the levels of wet I’m all too often working in. Thanks

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 Rick Graham 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Apart from a few years behind a shop counter I have spent most of my working life outside in all weathers Cumbrian .

My go to kit on site in worst winter weather.

Rigger boots with bread bags over good socks . Buckboots are my next purchase , highly rated insulated neoprene wellie things.

Flexothane over trousers.

T shirt, 2 thin fleeces, fleece scarf, fleece hat, old gore tex jacket  with hood up  under helmet, site coat on top  ( un zipped )so I am high viz .

So toasty I don't need gloves  to keep hands working

 Rick Graham 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Rick Graham:

What trade are you ?

I'm a site engineer.

 Hatty 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Rick Graham:

Thanks mate, Buckboots are on the radar

 Hatty 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Rick Graham:

Im supposedly an ‘operations manager’ however in reality I’m a carpenter working for an ICF builder so it’s really concreting works, the days I’m outside it’s hard going, insulation isn’t an issue as enough heat is produced. It’s waterproofing with good breathabilty and then durability I’m looking for.


 marsbar 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

I don't work outside, but for waterproof and durable I'd recommend 3 layer goretex.  It does come in hi viz colours.  It might help wearing a wicking fabric for your t shirt and boxers too.  

 Tom V 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Can't help you with the upper body but in ten years' drystone walling the best purchase I ever made ( after hammer and gloves) were some waterproof chaps and they were Hi Vis to comply with council H&S requirements: absolutely brilliant, easy to pull on over boots,  one leg at a time, plastic clip into your belt and the sweaty bollocks syndrome a thing of the past. HH, about £20 as I recall.

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 TechnoJim 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Arco do a good hi-vis goretex jacket and trousers combo. Fristads stuff is also really nice. All quite pricey but bomber.

Cofra boots are superb, not wellies but they do a few high-top wet/cold weather models. I'm on my second pair of Brimirs and I'll be buying another pair when these die.

I'm a sparky, most of my work is putting in generator systems for events/industry so I'm outside most of the time, often in Scotland where there is occasionally a smattering of rain

Edit: A few of the lads have an all in one Dickies man-size romper suit for the winter, I don't know if they make it in vis colours but might be worth a look. 

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 pavelk 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Try Gore Tex hi viz (here for example

As far as I undertstand it any Class 3 water protection should be enough for the the rainy day. I use chepaer polyester clothes for my work because I destroy it too often and I am usually OK with it

 65 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

I spend a fair bit of my time on construction sites and windfarms and am frequently outside for long days.

Buckboots wellies are the best things I've ever used for this. Cofra also do good insulated wellies, cheaper than Buck but not as comfortable. 

Helly Hansen make superior Hi Viz clothing and salopette type overtrousers are preferable. If you are out in the cold but not doing anything too physical, a flotation suit is worth having. I have a Mullion suit, it is too warm for anything more strenuous than walking around, surveying etc but I can stay comfortable all day in the worst conditions. You can get them from marine/offshore suppliers.

If you are in Scotland, Highland Industrial Supplies or The Workit Centre are hard to beat for PPE.   

 Billhook 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

I'll second those Flexothane oveertrousers.  I work outside (walling & hedgelaying).  They are totally waterproof, flexible, breathable, tough and comfortable.

They do similiar tops but I'm not sure you can get them in hi viz.

Have you gone to your local farmer's store?  Bata is one?  Stuff in there will be tough,  waterproof and I've seen hi-viz stuff in our branch.

Boots?  Muck boots and the many variants are neoprene wellingtons and I've seen plenty with safety footbeds/toes.  Warm and toasty.  And with proper footbeds so walking is comfortable in them.   Lots & lots of farmers wear them.  Again, a good country/farmers store will stock them.

 Hatty 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Thanks everyone for the input and advice. I’ve got it sussed out now I hope. Trial and error I suppose but I’ve got a system I think/hope will work. thanks again for all of the advice. 

 John Kelly 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Flexothane - gets my vote

 Rick Graham 20 Feb 2021
In reply to John Kelly:

> Flexothane - gets my vote

Only for trousers or bibs.

Too stinky for jackets.

 anyha 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

I wear Black Diamond wellys, great boots, very comfy. Most of my wet gear is from Ballyclare International, they made a range of own brand breathable hi Vis gear. Their salopettes are great, the stuff can be found on eBay if you search for it there are some salopettes on at the minute but only in a limited size.

 GPN 20 Feb 2021
In reply to Hatty:

Dunlop Purofort Thermo+ are the welly of choice for those in the know. Available in green and orange:

Clothing wise, if you’re ‘on the tools’ then I’d wear whatever you’re given/is cheapest because it will get ruined anyway...

In reply to Hatty:

Check out Guy Cotten stuff - it's made for commercial fishermen, so super tough and good quality.

 Simon Harlow 22 Feb 2021
In reply to GPN:

I second these wellies. I'm a geologist and spend a large amount of time out on site.  These are the wellies that most drillers and engineers end up with after trying the cheaper arco safety wellies.  

For waterproofs, there are a few options. 

- Vikings which are the waterproofs that fishermen wear. Totally bombproof but 100% not breathable.

 - 3layer Gore-Tex.  Either as jacket and trousers (which I currently use) but you can get all coveralls as well.  These coveralls are often worn by safety staff in the rail industry and can be quilt lined if you are going to be in really cold weather. Great clothing but expensive.

- Pulsar Rail high vis coveralls (I think they do jacket and trousers as well).  These are good and a little bit more friendly on the pocket.

- One other option that I often go for is the Arco standard waterproofs if I know I'm going to have a day on the tools (getting covered in mud).  Their kinda waterproof but cheap enough to be ruined. 

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