Headtorch/bike helmet light combo? Hope R2 Lupine

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 r.king 14 Nov 2020

I'm in need of a couple of new lights for on the bike and out on the hills. It seems to make sense to find something that can fill both roles such as the Hope R2 or Lupine Piko.  Both would be in region of £200 which seems a lot but for a quality light that can fill both roles might be worth it. 

Both of these use external battery packs and have helmet mounts, bar mounts and headband mounts.  On the bike I would run a basic handlebar mounted light that I currently have. In the hills I would be using this for midwinter days/nights and have other headtorches for all other times. Previously gone through a number of headtorches and lights so looking for something I can trust not to let me down. 

Does anyone have experience with any lights like this? Or thoughts on the pros/cons for tying to get one light to fill both roles? 

 artif 14 Nov 2020
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I have had a Piko for several years now. Use it at work (heavy industry) and leisure on my bike off road trails etc.

After going through numerous cheaper head torches petzl etc the Piko has outlasted them all.

Great customer service as well. 

 r.king 14 Nov 2020
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Good to hear. Sounds like the Lupine options could be worth it. 

 top cat 14 Nov 2020
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I've been using a Hope Vision 4 for the bike, winter climbing and caving for over ten years.  Still going strong.  You can get two sizes of battery to cut weight if needed.

A more modern version might be more compact, but once it's on your head , so what?

 r.king 15 Nov 2020
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Great, I think the R2 Vision will have plenty of power and a bit less bulk. 10 years is a good stint. 

 cb294 15 Nov 2020
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No idea about the other models, but +1 for anything made by Lupine. Both my head torch and the handlebar mounted light on the other bike are going strong  >5 years after I bought them used. No need for the customer service...


 r.king 16 Nov 2020
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Gone and ordered the Lupine Neo. Slightly more expensive than the R2 but I think its a better setup for use in the hills with a more compact package and a red led. Will report back after its been out and about.

In reply to r.king:

Bit late to reply but I've had a Hope R4+ for about 4 years, doesn't cost that much more that a R2. 

Can't fault it at all, it is really bright, has good battery life and the construction is bombproof.  I also like the fact that it made in the UK and can be serviced/repaired as required (fingers crossed I don't need to try this out though!).  I have a couple of Petzl headtorches, they are ok, but ultimately not that powerful and eventually the plastic breaks so they end up gaffa taped together.

I use the R4 on the road & mountain bikes with a 4 cell battery pack, and then with a 2 cell battery for fell running using the head torch attachment.  With the 2 cell battery mounted on the head torch band it feels a little more cumbersome than a Petzl would, but you get used to this pretty quick, the alternative is to pop the battery into a pocket and use the extension lead which also works well.      

 top cat 16 Nov 2020
In reply to gimmer:

Yep, I like the UK made bit and the superb parts and repair back up.    Which in ten years of heavy use I've never needed !

Good to support the home side whenever possible too.

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