/ Faulty trigger wire on BD Ultralight

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jungle 23 Oct 2019

I have an 18 month old cam that since I've had it the wire has kept popping out of the trigger retainer, which I have mostly been dealing with by keeping it in place with finger tape or blu-tac. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that my DIY efforts failed me whilst trying to place it on a route in Spain - luckily it wasn't an essential placement! Anyway I thought I should mention the fault to RockRun (where I purchased it) and BD. After a few back and forth I realised that there was nothing I could do other than get a partial refund as it was beyond 6 months, which I concede is my own fault for just ignoring it.

However, BD did issue me with a wire plug kit which seems to have fixed the problem. So my question/astonishment is:

1. Why don't these plugs come as standard? Surely it's a known fault if they produce plugs specifically for it.

2. Should they even be selling these cams if it is a known fault? I have other BD ultralights so I'm not suggesting it's all of them.

I accept that the wires may stretch over time making it more likely to occur, but for something less than 18 months old and I've only place a dozen or so times....?

This post is me venting a bit of frustration at having crappy gear and not reporting early enough and also to see if others have had the same experience.

Wayne S 23 Oct 2019
In reply to jungle:

All my super lights did the same.  Pushed little bits of rubber into the gap locked into place with flexible glue - perfect since.

jungle 24 Oct 2019
In reply to Wayne S:

All of them?! That's not good at £80 a piece. 

It's a shame because I really like them and was slowly replacing my old Wild Country set. I'll probably look at another brand now. I don't expect the repairs to last beyond 5 years with regular use.

Wayne S 03 Nov 2019
In reply to jungle:

Horses for courses,  I wouldn’t be unhappy with 5 years service of any cam.  TBH Im not expecting a lightweight cam to last as long as something more regular.  Light weight, hardwearing and cost all tend to have greater or lesser consideration in an engineered design.  It wasn’t great that the early superlights had dodgy trigger wire retention,  but the fix is pretty easy.  If you want a hardwearing all round cam then the BD Ultralights may not fit your brief,  but to be fair, they do exactly what they say on the tin.  

In reply to Wayne S:

It doesn't sound like he's complaining about a wear issue but a design flaw...

Wayne S 03 Nov 2019
In reply to purplemonkeyelephant:

This bit:

“don't expect the repairs to last beyond 5 years with regular use.”

The fact you have to make changes to keep wire retained isn’t great.


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