Drinks holder for camping chair

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Sorry if this one has been done before, I tried a search but got no results. 

I have a nice garden/camping chair but I'd like it to have a drinks holder. There seem to plenty in the style shown in this picture but they look a bit unconvincing to me! Can someone either reassure me that they work fine, or give me a better suggestion please? 



 SFM 06 Apr 2021
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That looks like a disaster waiting to happen, especially when standing up. 
I reckon something like this might be better?

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I think the sensible solution is this:

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I agree it looks crappy but I am interested in why you say "especially when standing up". For reference my chair is this one

actually I am happy with this chair and don't need a drinks holder, it's actually that I am thinking of buying the same chair for my mum for her garden and occasional "car picnics", she tasked me last year with finding good chairs but none of the good ones were in stock at the time and she ended up buying a pair of those cheap generic ones you always see on offer for 2 for £15, and she also said she wants a drinks holder (not really sure why but hey ho)

 NorthernGrit 06 Apr 2021
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They can work well if they can be fitted properly i.e designed for the type of chair, tight fit. I have had one for a folding chair for more than 20 years now and it’s still fine. Last year I bought two for newer folding chairs and they are fine.

Common aspect - they were designed for the type of chair (same manufacturer and of a profile and size of frame etc. to fit and grip will). Never had any break, or come off accidentally. Maybe I’ve just been lucky of course .

The type in the photo may just slide and cause a rotation of the holder which may or may not cause it to fall off in use. My 20 year old one is of that type but stays put as it “grips” the chair frame. 

Edit: Forgot to add it does also depend on the ground the chair is on. The softer more uneven, the more that type of chair will flex and this will cause movement in the holder and this may cause it to loosen. Firm/solid ground mine never move, but if on softer, once seated re adjust the holder helps.

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 marsbar 06 Apr 2021
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Buy her a nice little table would be my suggestion.  

Something like this.

Handy for drinks and food.  Also useful for laptop etc at home.  

I don't like the drinks holders and they aren't recommended for hot drinks only cold.  

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Thanks, she's got plenty of those and will just have to use them! I think she didn't actually realise that "in-chair" drinks holders are a bit naff and limited. 

I am getting her the chair for her birthday and she will jolly well like it and be grateful! I've told her there is no drinks holder. My mum has a habit of spoiling nice gestures by finding something lacking and voicing disappointment, so I wanted to get all my ducks in a row
(a couple of years ago I spent hours reviving two old small televisions they'd been given, and then went out to buy universal remote controls for them, and the thanks I got was "there's no Red button"....which was in keeping with her response to my phoning up in 1991 after collecting my GCSE exam results "Oh, only six A grades?" not that I am bitter or traumatised....)

 chris_r 06 Apr 2021
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I sometimes wish we could hit "Like" more than once on a post.

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thanks for your info, appreciated! 

 marsbar 06 Apr 2021
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3 more As than I got.  My parents don't do that sort of thing because my grandmothers did.  

Ah well.  

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quite a few more than my elder and only sibling got too, so it's not like we were some genius high achievers and 6 A grades was a disaster, either

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