Down proofing?

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 buffalo606 05 Mar 2018

Any advice on good waterproofing products (wash in/spray-on) for a Mountain Equipment B'Layman down jacket and Rossignol Goretex lined ski pants greatly appreciated.

 hbeevers 05 Mar 2018
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I've just washed and proofed a couple of down jackets with nikwax wash in and I'm pretty happy with it. Make sure you either dry in the Tumblr dryer with some tennis balls to agitate or use a hair dryer and patience to de-clump by hand.

 gethin_allen 06 Mar 2018
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Anyone ever tried this with a sleeping bag? I have a alpkit pipe dream 600 and would use it a lot more if I was more confident that it would withstand more dampness (i'm not talking a drenching just a damp wintery environment)

 jethro kiernan 06 Mar 2018
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I have done the tumble dryer and tennis’s ball to save a PhD down bag that was in a sorry state, you need a relatively large capacity dryer and a little declumping by hand at various points helps, I’m less worried by the thought of doing it in the future.

 Steven AT 06 Mar 2018
In reply to buffalo606:

For technical wash products you're best placed going with Nikwax. 

The Mountain Hardwear B'layman is a synthetic jacket as far as I'm aware which means it can be washed with regular tech-wash (although check the label to make sure) as can the trousers. 

Once they're washed give them a shake off and spray thoroughly with TX-Direct Spray to improve beading and breathability. 

Now comes the magic - give them a short blast in the tumble dryer on a very low temperature (30 degrees or less) to set in the proofing agent in properly - be sure to keep the temperature low or you risk permanently damaging your kit. No need for tennis balls either when washing a synthetic jacket. 

Doing the above will help get your kit clean but maintain the water resistance to previous levels. 

You can find Nikwax Tech-Wash and TX-Direct spray here: 

Hope this helps! 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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