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pec 13 Oct 2019

I'm looking at buying some of the 'new' DMM brass offsets which I thought were essentially copies of the old HB nuts.

I already have HB offset nos. 2 and 4 and don't want the really small ones (DMM 0 and 1) so thought I could just buy nos. 3, 5 and 6 but I've measured my old 2 and 4 and the sizes don't match up to those given in size charts for the DMM nuts.

For example the DMM 4 is given as 7.5x10.2mm but my HB nut is approx 8.2x9.6 which is quite different.

Did DMM change the sizes? I can't find an old HB size chart for comparison.


TobyA 13 Oct 2019
In reply to pec:

They fit in line with the alloy ones - I have some of the smallest brass HBs from back in the 90s and now have both a few surviving HB alloy offsets and the DMM alloy offsets (I think the first or one of the first reviews I did for UKC!). A couple of years ago I bought two of the biggest of the DMM brass ones - and they work great and just seem to be the obvious sizes down from the smallest alloy (be that DMM or HB). From memory the smallest alloy is "6" and the biggest brass one "5". I don't think the sizing has changed at all between HB and DMM.

pec 13 Oct 2019
In reply to TobyA:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the brass ones continue on from the alloy ones to make a 'complete set' and what I've read is, as you say, that the DMM nuts are based on the old HB nuts but measuring my HB 2 and 4 they aren't the same as the DMM 2 and 4 as quoted in the size charts.

Its this discrepancy I'm puzzled about.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.