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I'm 6ft 3" 14 1/2 stone (don't know what that is in decimals) have broad size 12's and am looking for stiff climbing shoes (to carry my weight) recommendations. Have a pair of 47 anasazi but they are a bit tight!!!!  Currently leading 5a......ta in advance....

 crayefish 30 Jul 2021
In reply to Graham Callander:

Whatever fits in the shop... 

Unless you're wearing the shoes on your head, your height shouldn't effect the fit. 

 Johnhi 31 Jul 2021
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Support from the shoe is potentially an issue though, I've run into some foot problems in the past in softer shoes. 

Scarpa Maestros could be worth trying on and shouldn't be hard to find in a store.

 PaulW 31 Jul 2021
In reply to Graham Callander:

Maestros can be pretty stiff.

Some of the Red Chilli shoes suit a wider large foot. Try the Sausalito or VCR.

 MischaHY 02 Aug 2021
In reply to Graham Callander:

With that sizing I'd recommend considering the Lowa climbing shoe range. The Falco VCR or lace is available up to UK15 but you'd be best placed going 0.5-1 size down. 

The Lowa shoes are primarily aimed at the germanic market meaning they have a much wider fit than 5:10/Scarpa etc. I have several friends with wide feet for whom these have been a godsend  

 ADJ85 02 Aug 2021
In reply to Graham Callander:

I'm a similar size 191cm 94kg, I wear a size 12 street shoe and tend to wear through the uppers above my little toe or big toe of my running shoes.

I wear a pair of La Sportiva Futura lace ups (size 45) and they get me up most stuff up to 6c+ indoors and anything I've ever climbed trad or sport outdoors, they've been resoled and are still going strong. If the climbing gets a bit thin I've got a pair of Tenaya Masai (size 46) but they are very small and I need to take them off after pitch or 2 (especially if it's warm)

In reply to crayefish:

> Whatever fits in the shop... 

Finding large climbing shoes in shops is a bit like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

I'm in a similar position TBH.  I've generally found that La Sportiva Tarantulas run quite large, but my feet have gone from (big end of) 13 to (small end of) 14 during lockdown (I guess having spread out because of going barefoot pretty much the whole time) so I suspect I'll want to go up a size.

I did just about fit in size 46 Tarantulas (10.5 UK) despite this - shows how big they run - but I think I might have to go up a size, fortunately they go up to 48.

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In reply to Graham Callander:

I'm taller (and sadly) heavier than your good self!

In the past I've enjoyed Miura VS, 5:10 Hiangles and Unparralel UP lace!

As many have said though I fully recommend visiting a well stocked store and trying everything (literally everything) on!! It's a always a fun process

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