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Atlas Athlete equivalent rucksack

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 Taxboy 12 Oct 2020

looking for a backpack that wil primarily be used on day trips for photographic outings that can also carry an extra layer, food etc but will also be comfortable
Most camera bags such as my Lowpro 400 Flipside focus on carrying the gear leaving little room for other stuff . Additionally although it has a hip belt I don't find it very comfortable. Im aware that hiking backpacks focus on comfort but mainly cramming as much stuff in as possible, whereas I will need reasonable access to my camera gear through the day.

Based on reviews the Atlas Athlete seems to fit my needs best. However ........... it doesn't fit my budget !! So what I'm hoping is to tap into the collective expertise here to try and find the best equivalent backpack to the Athlete that I can emulate by use of a camera insert. Ideally it needs good rear access and a comfortable carry ...at a reasonable price !! I think I'll need about a 40L pack size
I've looked at the Osprey Stratos but the curved frame means it's not easy to fit a square / rectangular cmaera insert inside and maintain access to my gear. So far I have come across the Osprey Kamber 42 and also the Mammut Trion Pro 35 + 7 but I understand this is now discontinued
All advice appreciated

 Sans-Plan 12 Oct 2020
In reply to Taxboy:

I'm sure somebody somewhere who is in product design and manufacture (I am but I make very big very expensive bespoke things) can tell me why you can buy a 35l pack for £75 then as soon as you add the camera bits it automatically seems to add £300 to the price...

It's a pity Amazon don't do a bigger version of this:


 Taxboy 12 Oct 2020
In reply to Sans-Plan:

It's the hobby tax. However for photography ideally I need a back opening pack rather than just a top opening to make accessing the gear easier. Also tripod straps but ski packs offer something equivalent - although they don't have external water bottle pockets for obvious reasons.

Any suggestions other than those I've mentioned much appreciated

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.