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bedspring on 02 Feb 2013
Does anyone have experience of Aramid Cord slings I am particularly interested in using them in the Dolomites where I anticipate their thinness may be an advantage if trying to put a thread through pitons that is tight hammered in and a Karabiner cannot be placed.
Cheers sjc
jimtitt - on 02 Feb 2013
In reply to sjc:
Typically pitons in the Dolomites are either a)already threaded with a bundle of rotting cord or pieces of wire b)only half way in (or out depending on your fear level). Threading them with doubled Kevlar will probably be a pain and 6 or 8mm Dyneema easier.
Kevlar slings are popular in Italy for threading the brutally sharp solution holes on gets on a lot of the limestone as they have better cut resistance, in a lot of the guide books they are specifically mentioned.
LJC - on 02 Feb 2013
In reply to sjc: As Jim says, really good for the many holes in the limestone. You can buy it much cheaper out there pre-cut and knotted in all the climbing shops. The stiffness of it could also be useful if you're trying to poke it down some long thing hole. We had a look at them and decided it was a waste of money since we had a rack of slings, and never found ourselves desperately wanting. Lots of in situe threads on popular routes anyway, and any pins too mangled to clip probably weren't worth clipping anyway.
AlH - on 02 Feb 2013
In reply to sjc: Like OPs say could be a right pin to thread through the eye of a peg as they don't compress at all. However I've been using one this winter and on thin threads the stiffness is a huge advantage- permanent addition to my rack now.
bedspring on 02 Feb 2013
In reply to sjc:
Thanks for the replies, I`ll get a couple but not for the purpose I visualized, for that I`ll stick with skinny dyneema.
danm on 02 Feb 2013
In reply to sjc:

I think the main reason for them being recommended is actually becuase the aramid cord is really stiff, so can be threaded more easily into the recessed pocket threads you seem to get on the water worn stuff out there. After doing the Messner Route and not being able to place much conventional gear on it at all, I remember thinking that stiff cord and some Tricams would have come in pretty useful. Mind you, it probably wouldn't have been so memorable a route then!
AlanLittle - on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to danm:

Similar experiences here. We just took plenty of thin slings and didn't feel too disadvantaged, but the locals all use cord. K2 in Cortina will happily sell you lots of it.

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