PRESS RELEASE: Alpkit 2020 Sustainability Report

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At its purest, Alpkit is a bunch of designers who share their love of the outdoors and playing outside. There was a time when we had a lot of free time. We worked, saved and got ourselves kitted out. These passing years taught us something – that we had the skills to create something new. So we set about building Alpkit as a business that we ourselves would want to work for:  vibrant, viable, sustainable brand for multi-sport adventure enthusiasts.

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Alpkit are still going. Only read the headline and had jumped to the wrong conlusion and thought they were in danger of shutting down.

They produce some excellent kit, excellent service and holistic approach to the environment.

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In reply to Prof. Outdoors: Headline had me worried also. Nice people too. I met three of the guys up on Kinder last week doing a photo-shoot and they listened patiently and politely to my sustained tent design 'feedback'.

Decent kit, good prices, nice people, and if they're reading this apologies for the rant

 Dave Hanney 18 Mar 2020
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

It was great to meet you and your partner on the hill. I wish i could put in words just how great the feeling is when i see our products being used out on the hill and meeting customers. I never want to lose that. Plus your feedback on the Soloist is well appreciated and got me thinking whether its possible to have two sizes. A Soloist and a 6+ footer which has an extra 4" for taller people.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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