Alpine/Scottish winter boots

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 JStearn 18 Sep 2021

Looking to get a pair of single boots for summer alpine/Scottish winter. I know a B3 might be overkill but I want to get one boot to cover options from big snow plods to grade V+ mixed. I will put up with some discomfort on the walk-in for better climbing performance. Wondering about the following options:

  • Scarpa Phantom Tech - have the sole wear issues been resolved in the new model?
  • Sportiva G5 - is the waterproofing an issue at all in Scotland?
  • Sportiva Nepal Cubes - bombproof I suppose but a bit heavier.

I know fit is the main thing; I have tried the Sportivas and they fit well but will also try the Scarpas. Any comments/suggestions appreciated.

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Whatever the current version of these is will definitely be worth considering.

My attempt to review the new Dolomite Miage Peak GTX last winter was rather spoiled by Boris, but before he did lock us all down, just before the snow and ice arrived of course, I did use them fresh out the box to walk, scramble and even climb a bit over a very snowy Kinder, and they were bloomin' great. No blisters or hot spots in something like 16 kms of hiking, but felt really secure when I did get on my front points.

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