Aftermarket compression sack - Rab Quantum smock?

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 stormylolol 17 Feb 2021


I have this Rab Primaloft smock but it was not designed to pack into its pocket and I was wondering if anybody knew which small, aftermarket stuff sack will be best to pack it down for putting into a rucksack/attaching to harness etc?

Anyone know which size is most appropriate (from Rab directly) or if its best to just get one of those compressable ones?


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Personally I prefer lightweight silnylon drybags for this sort of thing. Primaloft still insulates when it's wet but it can soak up water like a sponge and get heavy. The other advantage is that by squashing down on it as you roll it up you can force all the air out and get it nice and compact, although obviously you don't want to store it like this. I've bought a selection of sizes from lifeventure on special offer - they're not the most robust but apart from one that ripped they've kept my kit dry.

 stormylolol 17 Feb 2021
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Thank you! Is there no risk of bad effects having it wet and then stuffing it back into the bag at all with a drybag? I was concerned that having something that wouldnt allow water out would damage the smock in some way. I guess it must just be a case of drying it out back at home then.

Quite annoying its not got the packable pocket, I think in the long term this one may have to get sold in favour of one that does.

 nufkin 18 Feb 2021
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If you don't need it to be super-small, you could try just packing it into a sleeve:

I suppose you'd have to sew on a loop if you wanted to hang it off a harness

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