35-40L climbing packs for 'taller/larger' backs?

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 Chaildn 12 Feb 2021

Been searching for a new pack for a while! I've tried on a bunch, but just haven't found one that really feels good.

The main thing I'm after is a hip belt that sits on my hips, which is probably a little lower than standard as I'm tall-ish (6'2"), and not on my stomach/bellybutton area which feels grim, especially with that extra covid weight!

Want to use it for all-round single and multi-day cragging/tradding/wintering.

Any suggestions much appeciated.

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 HeMa 12 Feb 2021
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Best to look at hiking models. That is still a size you climb with, so the hip belt needs to provide Access to your harness and gearloops. 

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Summiteer have a 40l pack that comes in a long back size.

I've got nothing to do with them and have never even seen one of their bags in the flesh (cordura??) let alone tried one on, but I like the cut of their jib and I think supporting small manufacturers like this is A Good Thing.

 HammondR 12 Feb 2021
In reply to Chaildn: Aiguille Alpine climbing sacks are available in 3 back lengths. They will also customise. They are made near Kendal, cost a bit, but last a long time.

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 glenn0010 12 Feb 2021
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Hi, I've got an Ortovox Peak 35 L. It sounds like it would be perfect for you. I am selling it as the back length is too long for me as I'm only 5"7. Ortovox's pscks defiently have a taller deign about them.

It also has a circumfernetal zipper whihc allows for access of geat rhough out the pack making it really handy. 

If you're intrested in the bag drop me a message. I can do you a great deal on it. It's in great conditions as I haven't used it much/


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I have a osprey mutant 38 lge back size , used once for half a day green colour. I’m 6’2 and it fits perfectly. Pics on request. 


 tallsteve 12 Feb 2021
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I'm 6' 6" (1.98m) and love my Lowe Alpine Air Pro 35:45 because;

  • Great length adjustment in the back that's pretty easy to adjust if you need to pass it to another (say your second)
  • Great space (we did 6 days on the Great Wall, and 2 weeks in the Dolomites skiing living on the clothes in the sack).
  • Light.  No excess weight just for the sack
  • Compression straps for those lighter days and climbing/scrambling
  • Mesh back to allow sweat to evaporate.
  • Zip to access main pocket from side (great for that stuff at the bottom)
  • Two ice axe loops and 2 dedicated walking pole thingies.  Did some Chamonix routes with it last year.
  •  ... I could go on.

Don't buy from Cotswolds unless you have a bottomless pocket.  Try go Outdoor:

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 andyd1970 12 Feb 2021
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Black diamond do different back length packs 

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I'm tall (6' 4") with a long back and I just find I'm more comfortable with a larger sac, because higher capacity ones tend to be longer.  Not very technical but my hillwalking day bag is a Berghaus Trailhead 50.

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In reply to Chaildn: Another thumbs up for Aiguille Alpine, I’m 6’4” with a long back and there large size fits me perfectly. I got the Eiger which is working perfectly for cragging, alpine & winter UK. Fantastic production values, and they happily incorporated a few tweaks at my request. I’d highly recommend them.

 benp1 14 Feb 2021
In reply to Chaildn:

I'm 6'3. Bags that work well for me

- aiguille alpine, long back length 

- osprey, long back length (not M/L, thanks too short)

- lowe alpine aeon series in long back length

 99ster 15 Feb 2021
In reply to Chaildn:

Crux & Black Diamond offer different back lengths.

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