/ Wanted: Swap: Petzl Cirro for Organic Full pad (+some £?)

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hfac (user since 14/May/09)09 Sep 2019

Long shot really, but worth a try I suppose.

I have a Petzl Cirro bouldering pad, which is rather huge. I've had it for around 3 years and it's been well looked after, the foam is still very good to land on and despite relatively regular use the zips are still good.

I have done some DIY work with glue and ballistic nylon patch + some duct tape to prevent further fraying of the cover so to prolong the lifespan of it, which has worked well so far. 

I'm hoping for a swap for an Organic Full Pad, and depending on the condition either a straight swap (if it's nearly new) or maybe a small amount of cash my way. Reason is because the Petzl is becoming a 2nd pad, and also for the partner it's a bit too big for her to carry. Had it not been that I would have kept it and landing on it from some height is great and not too hard on the ankles but not so soft that it bottoms out.

I'm based in Carlisle, can meet nearby if or when times fit, or this weekend I will be in Bristol attending a friend's wedding if that helps so I can bring it down if that's any good.

Thank you.


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