Wanted: Lightweight 2-Person Tent

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 climb-ski-dive (user since 02/Oct/20) 08 Mar 2023

Looking for a light/ultralight, double walled (double skin) 2-person tent in usable condition. Would like it to have bug mesh, rainfly, integrated floor, and a footprint. Would like it to be under 2 kg weight total. Looking for something in the category of the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2.

Going on a multi-day backpacking/wild camping trip soon so please let me know what you have.

 acer2012 09 Mar 2023
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

Check out "Naturehike". Their CloudUp2 fits your description and despite the AliExpress vibes they're really good quality.

 J72 09 Mar 2023
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

I’ve got an Oex Phoxx 2 which is surprisingly good for a budget tent and nearly meets your spec (I think it’s 2.1kg) - as you might expect it’s for 2 very narrow people however.  

the Lanshan UL2 is pretty close to fitting your spec if you use walking poles.  Replacing the guy lines and adding two (that aren’t included) makes it a pretty sturdy and very lightweight option for under £200 

 mbd 10 Mar 2023

I found the Vango Nevis 200 to be a decent tent for use in British weather - rain, wind etc. It has a layout inside which suits me well. As is usual for most 2 person tents, it would be very snug with 2 big guys in there. No footprint included but I've never found the base to leak. You could always put a sheet of ripstop nylon under it if you want the protection without much weight penalty.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am going on my trip over Easter weekend and still hope to find a lightweight tent second-hand but if I can't then the Nevis 200, Phoxx 2, and CloudUp 2 look like decent options to buy new! Though the £50 and "10-25 business day" shipping definitely hurts for the CloudUp.

 Run_Ross_Run 13 Mar 2023
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

How about an MSR freelite 2. 

I've got the previous variant (not the silly half sized flysheet of the new model) it's a bomber tent with loads of room. Let me know if you want some pics etc. Only used for 3 nights in total. 

In reply to Run_Ross_Run:

Yes! Will send a PM.

Still looking!

 HantsTom 21 Mar 2023
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

Hello mate.

I have a Sierra Designs Meteor 2. I bought it in Summer 20, but never even put it up as my epic camping plans never unfolded. It's been sat in the cupboard ever since.

I work in london in the week but can get some photos of it this weekend, i'm located in wiltshire but travel most weekends to climb/mtb or can obviously post it.


In reply to HantsTom:

Thanks for the offer Tom! I hope to find something lighter, but my trip is only 3 weekends from now (Easter).

Are you actively trying to sell the tent? If you still have it the weekend of 1 April and I haven’t found anything lighter by then I’d definitely buy yours (and it is not looking promising for me tbh, I haven’t seen anything come up for sale in the last week). I will be in London 1-4 April so we could potentially meet up there.

 Steve Giles 17:38 Thu
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

I have a sub 1kg Big Agnes Fly Creek tent for sale. Its not been used much at all but it has to minor repairs to the fly sheet. I'd be looking for £110. 

In reply to Steve Giles:

Just sent a PM!

 HantsTom 22:22 Sat
In reply to climb-ski-dive:

No worries. No not advertising it, I was browsing the forum and remembered I should probably move it on as my girlfriend and I have combined our outdoor kit so it’s surplus.

let me know, no pressure. I’ll probably advertise it when the weather warms up a bit otherwise.

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