/ FREE: Panasonic Lumix LZ-20 Camera (needs attention)

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deepsoup (user since 08/Oct/04)08 Aug 2019

I have a Panasonic Lumix LZ-20 camera going begging, but it's a wee bit faulty unfortunately.  I bought it second-hand, it's v slightly scuffed but otherwise appears to be in good nick generally apart from that.

Some of the time when you turn it on it works perfectly, the rest of the time the lens fails to extend all the way, then it beeps at you and displays a message on the screen that it wants you to turn it off and on again - the same thing that happens if you try to turn it on with the lens cap still on so that the lens tube can't extend.

This is quite a common fault with these cameras apparently, but I've no idea how much it might cost to get repaired professionally or what's involved as a DiY job.  I started to look into it then stumbled across a slightly newer, better version of the camera second-hand for not a lot of money so I've replaced it now instead.  It'll need AA rechargeable batteries and an SD card - I'm hanging on to mine to use with the new camera.

Seems a shame to bin it, so if it's any good to anyone, it's yours.  I'd prefer to drop it off somewhere in the general vicinity of Sheffield ideally, but failing that could bung it in the post.  P&P would probably come to about a fiver I would guess.

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thepodge 09 Aug 2019
In reply to deepsoup:

You have mail

deepsoup 09 Aug 2019
In reply to thepodge:

Ah..  I just replied to your email.  Sorry, already gone I think - somebody else picking it up over the weekend but I'll give you a shout if that doesn't work out for any reason.


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