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FS: Casio Protrek wsd-f20a bu gps smart watch

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 crustypunkuk (user since 15/Jun/10) 15 May 2020

Price: £165

As per the title, i have a Casio ProTrek WSD-F20A-BU Smart Watch which is surplus to my needs.

Bought new at the end of last summer I enjoyed using it however I have just felt smart watches are not for me hence the sale. Otherwise a great rugged smart watch perfect for outdoorsy people, it's brilliant for mapping apps like viewranger where it can really help you navigate. It has a few scuffs and scrapes on the casing as can expected for a tough outdoor watch, these can be seen in the photos but overall has been well looked after, it has had a screen protector on since new and comes with 1 spare. Original box and accessories are included
A tough smartwatch with low power GPS, full colour maps, and well-refined sensor technology.
Proprietary dual-layer LCD, with power conservation mode
A dual-layer monochrome and colour LCD. The monochrome LCD shows the time while the colour LCD shows maps, measurement data, and apps.
It switches between displaying both LCDs, or just the monochrome LCD, to ensure optimum visibility in all situations, conserving power when spending long hours in the outdoors.
Location Memory
Directly accessed by pressing a side button, your current location is instantly saved. In addition to recording the path you've travelled, you can also make a mark or use speech recognition* to add notes to otherwise unmarked map spots.
* Speech recognition cannot be used without cellular service on a smartphone
Essential information for outdoor activities and sports
The TOOL app provides real-time information about changes in the natural environment and the user’s activity levels, such as compass direction, altitude and air pressure, sunrise and sunset times, tide graphs, and activity graphs.
Real-time measurement data
The Activity app is great for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, cycling, fishing, and snow and paddle sports.
It can use GPS data and colour maps in the Hiking function to record the path travelled on a map, while also showing the course and maximum speed of each run in the Snow function.
Toughness meets outdoor challenges
It's water resistant to 50 metres and equipped with a water-resistant audio mic, while the touchscreen features an anti-fouling coating to resist stains from fingerprints.
Interchangeable original watch face designs
Pre-installed with a number of watch faces to choose from, with even more available to downloaded from the Google Play store.
Water resistant to 50 metres
Built to military standard specifications
Button guards, protective bezel, and large and small side buttons
Popular outdoor and sports apps can be downloaded and installed, showcased in the “Featured Apps” list on the device
Quick access to information during activities, such as trekking, cycling, fishing, winter sports, and watersports
Total weight: 92gDimensions: (H x W x D), 61.7 x 57.7 x 15.3mm
12/24 Hour Format: Times can be displayed in either a 12-Hour or 24 Hour Format.
Activity App: (trekking, fishing, cycling, paddle and snow), The Activity app is a CASIO Android Wear app. It measures the time you spend engaged in different activities.
Adjustable Screen Brightness: 5 levels
Altimeter: Manual altitude correction (auto correction using location information thorough CASIO MOMENT SETTER+, Android only), Altitude graph (past 24 hours), Measurement interval: 1 second (shortest), Measurement accuracy: within +/-75m (+/-250ft), Measuring unit: 1 metre (or 5ft), Altitude Measurement to 10,000m: A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude up to a maximum 10,000m., Measuring range: -700 to 10,000m (-2,300 to 32,800ft)
Auto Calendar: Allowances are made automatically for leap years and months of different lengths.
Automatic Time Adjustment: The time can also be adjusted manually., The watch will automatically synchronise it's time when connected to a compatible smartphone.
BarometerMeasurement interval: 1 minute., Measurement accuracy: within +/- 3 hPa (+/- 0.1 inHg), Display unit: 1 hPa (0.1 inHg), Display range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (7.6 to 32.5 inHg), A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is shown on the display.
Battery Life: All values stated are approximate., With GPS at 6 minute intervals- up to 2 days with location tracking saving on., With GPS at 1 second intervals- up to 9 hours (accuracy priority) up to 25 hours (battery priority), Timekeeping mode only- more than 1 month., Normal use without GPS- more than 1 day.
Bluetooth® Connectivity: Low Energy Support, Bluetooth® v4.1, The watch can connect to compatible smartphones to offer a range of features
Built in GPS: (American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Japanese "MICHIBIKI" QZSS), Steadily receives positioning data and displays your current position on a full colour map
Built in Sensors: Magnetic (direction), Pressure (atmospheric/ altitude), Accelerometer and Gyrometer
Digital Compass: Bearing memory., Gradient calibration, Magnetic declination calibration, Hand indication of North., Measuring Unit: 1 degree, Measuring Range: 0 - 359 degrees, A built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north displaying both this and your current direction on the watch face.
Dual Layer Display: 1.32 inch Colour TFT LCD (320 x 300 pixels) + Monotone LCD
Fishing Timer: Indicates the suitability of a specific date/ time for fishing., Calculated according to current location, moon hour and age.
Location Memory App: Map screen, route screen, selectable map skin, map downloading (offline maps), voice memo, landmark, revisit marks, history screen.
Microphone: (water resistant)
Moment Setter App: You can use the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app to perform watch functions from your smartphone., Climbing, trekking, fishing, cycling, paddle and snow notifications)
My Graph Feature: Daily activity pattern: Stopped, walking, running, vehicle, calories burned, steps, altitude (highest achieved that day) and workout time., My Graph shows a graphic representation of your activities on the current day. It shows the type of activity you performed and when you performed it.
OS: Android Wear 2.0Android 4.3 or later. iOS 9.0+* or later (*limited functionality, please check microsite for full compatibility list)
Sunrise/Sunset Display: Sunrise and sunset times + direction are displayed., Based on current location, direction accuracy depends on compass.
Tide Graph: Past 24 hours + next 24 hours., Tidal movements are displayed for your chosen location.
Tool App: Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Sunrise/ Sunset, Tide Graph, Fishing Time and My Graph
Watch Faces: 3 favorites, more can be added.
Water Resistant: 50 Metre / 5 Bar, 5 Bar Water Resistant means that the watch is also suitable for swimming but NOT snorkelling
Wi-Fi Connectivity: IEEE802.11 b/g/n
World Time: Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

Compatiblre with strava and most other android apps.

watch cost me in excess of £300, so you can grab a bargain.

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