/ Ski Season locations for Winter Climbing

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L hypnotoadmk on 08 Jan 2019

Hey guys, first post from me!


I'm currently putting the feelers out for doing my first season in the French alps, trying to find work as a sound engineer for functions/live music/whatever else. I would've looked years ago but assumed as the work is hard to break into anywhere, it'd probably be just as scarce in the mountains, but everybody I've spoken to coming back from a season seems to say there's plenty of gigs and events out there!


Although I skied at least once a year when I was a kid, I haven't done so for about 8 years now and my focus is a lot more locked on climbing/mountaineering these days. I didn't want to go for a ski season in a resort only to find out it wasn't saying much in terms of climbing, so what are people's thoughts on the best ones to aim for?

dave frost - on 09 Jan 2019
In reply to hypnotoadmk:

Ive done quite a lot skiing in Chamonix, and its  anatural choice for climbing i suppose.

Although, if you not able to ski off piste with a rucksack full of climbing gear you'll find getting any routes in very hard indeed. Nearly all of the winter climbers ive seen out in the mountains are good skiers. Mainly because of the hard going throuhg deep snow, and distance from lifts, plus glaciers in winter are far safer on skis.

Thats assuming that when you said winter climbing you meant alpine mountaineering and not valley ice climbing though.

Chamonix is not great for valley ice.

And true there are lots of gigs all over the place, but for the ones ive been to at least, sound quality was less important than volume

Good, luck its worth a shot!


kenr - on 10 Jan 2019

There's no way to answer this intelligently unless you say:

a) pretty specifically, what kind(s) of climbing are you looking for.

b) What access you will have to a car.


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