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 JamesMcFarland 10 Feb 2021

Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well.

The main purpose of this topic was to try and glean some ideas for trips in the future, based on people's experiences or knowledge of this kind of thing.

I've been looking for some ideas for what I suppose you would call trekking peaks...? I would like some technicality, but may be limited by the little experience I have so far.

To give you an idea of what I'm after, I have been considering all of the Himalayan usuals such island, Mera and Lobuche. The only thing putting me off is the price tags, although I've just discovered which seems like it could provide cheaper alternatives using companies local to their area.

I was also considering Kang Yatse 2 and Dzo Jongo for quite some time.

The peaks don't have to be especially large, although I would love to do something 6000+ for the experience.

I have previously (kind of) done Kazbek - which I loved, despite the condition of the mountain hut - having to turn close to the summit to due to a sick team member.

I have heard a peak in nearby Russia called Gumachi is a good one, if anyone has experience of this?

Any suggestions or views you can share on what I have said would be very welcome 👍

All the best,


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 hokkyokusei 10 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

Does it have to be the Himalaya? Lots of good choices in the Cordillera Blanca, in Peru. 

Also some easy 4000m peaks in Mongolia.

 sheffieldchris 10 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

Kang Yatse is a much nicer mountain than say Stok Kangri. I did both in 2012.

Having been up trekking peaks and a few technical peaks my observations would be.

Only from my experience, so do your own research to find out more if you are interested.

India Leh area, turn up mooch around the town go into the multiple number of trekking companies who have signs up saying trip going to x and y in a few days, 6 already booked space for more. Go trekking first, see if you the company and trek team are good, on return see if they can put a package of what you want to do together.

Nepal in the Thamel region you can do exactly the same.

Both of these options will require permits and additional peak fees, the tour operator will sort all these out, but these costs will be in addition to all the support staff, do not even consider carrying all your own kit then doing all your own cooking. You are not a sherpa, you will suffer, you will not get to the top, you may not go back. 

When you see articles where the people are doing this, that is because the are beasts who have been doing it for years and years. When you have multiple big expeditions under your belt you can think of doing all the carry and cooking for yourself. The 2 seconds for you to think of this before deciding it is better to get help will be well spent.

Next option just go to Bolivia and turn up in La Paz do the same routine as above and then climb with no need for any permits, which leaves more money to hire cooks and mules. Are you getting the theme.

 JamesMcFarland 11 Feb 2021
In reply to hokkyokusei:

Hi Hokky, no it doesn't have to be the Himalayas. I'm open to all sorts of places as long as there are good mountains.

There are lots of peaks I like the sound of in South America - Antisana sounds good - getting seems pricey though, so that may be a destination I will need to save up for.

 JamesMcFarland 11 Feb 2021
In reply to sheffieldchris:

Hi Chris,

I've considered doing treks/climbs in that fashion before but have always been put off by the uncertainty. Its doubtless a good way of saving money though.

I have done a couple of treks in Nepal so far (Manaslu and Langtang) and booked them both through an English company  (Atmosphere mountaineering - which are excellent by the way) but obviously increases the cost. The treks were great, but I'm after something more challenging and exciting.

This is why tour radar intrigued me, it seemed like a good balance between the 2.

What was your overall impression of the Kang Yatse trip?

I was very enthusiastic about it (especially the price) but was eventually put off because the trek in and out looked quite desertous (if thats a word?).


 sheffieldchris 11 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

For Kang Yatse

Me and a lad I met in Leh hired a guide, a cook and assistant who doubled up as the mule men.

We had a great time as we were well acclimatized from just doing Stok Kangri.

The whole of Ladhak is a high dry mountain desert and all of the treks to peaks go through this type of terrain, I like them but not for everyone's taste I know.

(I've considered doing treks/climbs in that fashion before but have always been put off by the uncertainty. Its doubtless a good way of saving money though.)

All comes down to if you are time rich and cash poor or time poor and cash rich enough.

If you only have a couple of weeks a year you are going to spend best part of first week just sorting things out in country. So not a viable option. If you have more time you can spend more time sorting things out once sat in front of a tour agent. You are going to likely either spend a lot less or spend the same but get a super high level of support.

A issue to acknowledge is if going alone you may end up on the trek/climb alone if you want to do a specific thing, then things are going to get expensive, as you will not be splitting the bills with 4 or 6 other people. 

Only you know which you fit right now.

I have tended to have worked as an expedition leader in the country for a month, then when the school went home I stayed on. I will have got a good feel for the country and in some cases got to know the tour company boss or a couple of guides. So slightly advantaged I know. I have also spent a whole heap of time on my own bat in many very remote places.

 sheffieldchris 11 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

On a separate side note if you fill in your profile, people will have a better idea of where you are in life. Be that age, experience and possible ability.

I read a simple thread about a guy wanting advice on how to lighten his pack when on multi day hikes.

He had a load of comments about how stupid his ideas on cutting this and that out were.

Turns out when asked, he was a national level fell runner and was planning on doing some kind of Pennine way speed challenge. So most of the advice was wrongly given as most people had a preconceived idea of what he was doing.

 JamesMcFarland 11 Feb 2021
In reply to sheffieldchris:

Thanks Chris that was very enlightening and informative.

"All comes down to if you are time rich and cash poor or time poor and cash rich enough." I think that sums up that process really well. I don't think I can afford that much time to be able to arrange my excursions in that way. That being said... I'm not rich 😆 it's a balance, like everything.

That sounds like really good advice about the profile as well. I've just done that, so hopefully it will help. I signed up a few years ago, but I think this is the first time I've utilised the forums properly.

In terms of Kang Yatse, it seems like its a matter of me deciding if the trek in appeals to me, and if I'm not overly enthused by it, is it worth it for the summits?


 mcawle 11 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

Kinder Downfall?


 JamesMcFarland 23 Feb 2021
In reply to JamesMcFarland:

I'm beginning to get excited about some of the Nepalese trekking peaks again, having checked out some videos on YouTube.

Can anyone recommend any from experience? Having looked at the official list of Nepalese trekking peaks, there are a lot more than are typically advertised.

Lobuche E, Chulu E, Island and Mera are all very appealing, but again, some of the more popular peaks.

Mera peak seems like and excellent challenge but more of a commitment in terms of needing more substantial gear, and frostbite seems more common. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I know it's a cold peak.

Also does anyone have any previous experience with booking through Nepalese trekking companies directly, and if so, can we recommend some in particular?

Many thanks to all.

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