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Caspar - on 15 Nov 2012
Have any of you done Elbrus before? A few friends and I are looking to do it next July and I'm looking for any advice you might have. Help? Please?
Tom G - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Caspar:

Lots of people on here have probably climbed it.

What specific ideas have you in mind? I've been to the area twice. I've climbed it in 2005 so local situation might be a little different now.

Gear? Duration of trip? Outfitters? Local area? Difficulty? Routes?
jonnylowes - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Caspar: I'll be interested in anyone's comments, looking to do it next June in 2wks just me & the gf (unguided).
Dave Wynne-Jones on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to Caspar:
If you check back through previous postings you'll find there were some helpful suggestions last time this topic was raised only a few months ago.
Dave Wynne-Jones on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to jonnylowes:
Perfect spring snow is probable in June so do it on skis.
Caspar - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Dave Wynne-Jones:

I'll have a look back. Thanks
pass and peak - on 22 Nov 2012
In reply to Caspar:
Been in that area for the last 4 summers in a row, situation is back to normal after the troubles of 2011. If you want to go unguided then you best bet is to get one of the "light Packages" from one of the Russian providers (pilgrim-tours springs to mind). They will provide the permits, 1 nights hotel and 2 weeks registration in the area, which you will need by Russian Law! They also have some back up if things start to go tits up for you on summit day. If you go for a south side attempt, as 90% of people do, then the route is fairly obvious, just be prepaired for a lot of dirt and commercialisation. AS stated June is still cold with good chance of fresh snow to below base camp, so ski touring most of the way is not a bad idea, get you down quick anyway. Not sure If I'll be their this year, need clients or work, but if you need any advice you can contact me through Mark
Hendofan on 13 Dec 2012 -
In reply to Caspar:
Use Pilgrim tours 'light' package, you need visa and other stuff even if your there 2 weeks and you have to be invited by someone in Russia, they sort all that out for you and can arrange travel to the mountain and back (trust me you dont want to get in any taxi in that area). I would say 2 weeks is too long as there is nothing to do in the area and the mountain is not very pretty due to all the cabins, crap lying about.

Other than that, def take the time to travel to pachukov(sp) rocks the day you arrive at camp as the altitude is hard and travelling higher to come back really works.

Good luck.
redsonja - on 18 Dec 2012
In reply to Caspar: i used EWP. they are based in st petersburg and will arrange your visa etc. google "geographic bureau" for them. they have a very good acclimatization programme. and also a day in moscow and a day in st petersburg. its a fantastic experience. let me know if you need any more help

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