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Rourke - on 29 Dec 2012
This place looks stunning. I have been really keen to go to this part of the world for a few years and am determined to get there this summer.

As much to see the landscape, flora and fauna as climbing but it would be nice to get to the top of a couple of volcanos while I'm there.

I would prefer as organised trip and leave is pretty tight, was thinking two weeks but may be able to stretch to three.

I know Adventure Peaks run an expedition (when I say run, it is in their brochure but they haven't had the interest to actually do it yet) and there are a few Russian operators (of which i know nothing about).

Anyone been and can recommend any decent operators in that part of the world? Or other tips?

Thanks in advance
tom290483 - on 29 Dec 2012
In reply to Rourke:

Neil McNab has done a few trips out there mainly for skiing and snowboarding but he is an IFMGA guide himself so has no doubt looked at stuff climbing possibilities whilst out there.

Could be worth an email to see if they have plans for future trips.....
ice.solo - on 29 Dec 2012
In reply to Rourke:

from japan its a relatively popular destination for skiers/boarders.

some friends of mine went several years ago (try search stuff on 'the twelve' collective). they recount all sorts of odd stories about cheap helis, being given kalashnikovs for the bears, bizarre bribery attempts and the strange terrain.
other friends have booked charter tours for skiing thru japanese companies.

if it helps they went via magadan. in the past there were weekly flights between magadan and anchorage with a stop in kamchatka on the return leg. not sure these still operate.
Rourke - on 30 Dec 2012
In reply to ice.solo:

Thanks for the responses Guys

Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding are a complete no no for me as knee can't take it but will follow up and see what I can find through Japan

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