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betathief - on 04 Dec 2017

I am trying to set up my gps for Slovenia, however cannot find any information for the Position format and Map Datum? I have a sidarta map for Triglav, and cannot find the information on there, also searched the net with no luck. My gps is an old Garmin Summit I think, it's only ever used as a back up, so I'm no gps guru ( as you may have guessed), but it's nice to have.

davidbeynon on 04 Dec 2017
In reply to betathief:
I went through this in September. If I remember rightly it required a WGS84 and a custom grid. There should be a custom option somewhere in the setup and a bunch of numbers in the fine print on the map that you copy in.

IIRC the numbers on the map have more decimal places than I could enter on my GPS.

If necessary I can have a closer look when I get home and give you more details.

[edited as I initially wrote custom datum and utm grid. I checked my GPS manual and it must have been the other way around]
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davidbeynon on 04 Dec 2017
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Above the key you will find numbers for:

Longitude origin, scale, false easting, false northing, DX, DY,DZ, DA and DF.

Longitude, scale, fale easting and false northing go into the "user grid".

DX, DY, DZ, DA, DF go into "user map datum".

on my old garmin etrex I go to the grid and map datum menus and just keep scrolling until I find "user".
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richard_hopkins - on 04 Dec 2017
In reply to betathief:

It's quite possibly in the utm format which uses wgs84. That's often what's meant by GPS compatible and common on the continent. Your GPS should have that.
If you find the summit of Triglav on the map it is in zone 33T and coordinates 410539 east 5136730 north in that system to the nearest meter.

davidbeynon on 05 Dec 2017
In reply to richard_hopkins:

The Sidarta 1:25k maps he's referring to are excellent but they are a bitch to set up a GPS for as they have custom everything. It took me about an hour to figure it out when I was there in September.

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