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Found a great story about mountaineering!

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 brunoschull 13 Oct 2020

Hey folks,

A while back I posted on UKC and MP looking for a short story about mountaineering that I had read long ago.  I didn't find it right away, but now, nearly a year later, somebody responded, and I found the story. 

Here's a link to the original, archived UKC thread (can't post replies).


Here is a link to the MP thread.


And here are some notes about the story itself:

I hadn't remembered the story perfectly; the main character is a German climbing and dreaming in the Austrian Alps, but it's written by a rather well-known American writer, Mark Helprin.  

It was first published in The New Yorker in 1977.  If you buy a digital subscription, you can read the original.  Here is a link with a short synopsis. 


It was later published in a collection of short stories entitled, Ellis Island.  Here is an Amazon link where you can buy the book.  


I don't know where I originally read it; considering I was only 5 when it was first published, it is unlikely but possible that I read it in an old copy of the The New Yorker.  More likely, I read it in a collection, either Ellis Island or another.  I know Helprin edited some short story collections, and he may have included his own work.  

Anyway, I'm already a subscriber to The New Yorker, so I can read the original, but I also bought a copy of the book.  The other stories seem interesting too.  

So this is a story with a good ending--these moments restore my faith that perhaps the internet has some positive sides. 

All the best, 



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